Missouri’s attempt to legally put to death autistic African man fails – InPDUM calls for his freedom!


FURGUSON, MO.–The International People's Democratic Uhuru Movement (InPDUM) demands the immediate release of Kimber Edwards and charges the State of Missouri and the U.S. Government with the crime of genocide against African people.


The State of Missouri and District Attorney Robert McCulloch knowingly made an unwarranted death penalty case against Edwards just to beef up their record.

Africans Charge Genocide! Africans are speaking loud and clear all over the world and what we have said is that colonialism, imperialism, and capitalism for over 600 years are killing Africans in mass numbers. The State has been designed to make us an extinct people. 


An example that is so real to the African community that we experience everyday is the policing of the African community and the "justice" system. 


This system sentenced Kimber Edwards to death in St. Louis County after framing him for the murder of his ex-wife. Edwards has autism and was bullied by prosecutors into making a false confession upon which his conviction was based. Later, Orthell Wilson, who they say also confessed to the murder and he too was then sentenced to life in prison.


It was the same prosecutor, District Attorney Robert McCullouh who refused to indict white killer cop Darren Wilson for the murder of 18 year old Mike Brown but prosecuted vehemently Kimber Edwards for a crime he knew Edwards did not commit.


 We demand that you let our African brothers free; this is not two Africans for the price of one. 


Edwards was scheduled for execution on October 6, 2015 and then on October 2, Governor Jay Nixon commuted the death sentence and sentenced him to life without parole.


We are not fooled by this trickery or the agenda being pushed on us. Nixon is not Edwards' savior. He is the puppet behind the parasites.  


Stop locking up Africans in these concentration camps built for them with the full intention of them dying there.


The few that are released cannot survive because of the labels that this system has tagged on them, thus leaving them no way to feed, clothe, or provide adequate healthcare for themselves or their families.


This is what Genocide looks like in the form of poverty and mass incarceration.


The International People's Democratic Uhuru Movement is taking our case to the United Nations, to put the U.S. government on trial for the genocide of African people. For more information, visit inpdum.org


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