Masses rise up against neo colonialism in Burkina Faso

LONDON–The African Socialist International Salutes the honourable and victorious, uprising of African masses in Burkina Faso. Once again it is clear for all to see that the African masses are the makers of history.  
On Friday 31, October 2014, after 27 years of humiliation, they swept away the corrupt and national betrayal regime of Blaise Compaore., forcing him and his family to flee safely to Ivory Coast.
It was with military help from Compaore and French president Nicolas Sarkozy that Alasan Quattarra was consolidated as neocolonialist leader of Ivory Coast.
Compaore came to power in 1987 following a French led coup that required for its success, the assassination of Thomas Sankara, a staunch anti-imperialist African patriot.
Sankara was the inspiration of the militant African masses that brought down Compaore.
It was a grotesque attempt by Compaore to modify the constitution of Burkina Faso to allow him to run for another five years that was the trigger that mobilized opposition to his Party’s rule all over the country and opened up the struggle against neo-colonialism.
After the masses moved, the African petty bourgeoisie also came out in opposition to Campaore, thus leading to the October coup.
Buying popular credibility, various petty bourgeois leaders   called for the people to oppose any constitutional modification and extension of Compaores’ rule.
This is something imperialist powers understand very well. Their main concern in Burkina Faso is the stability of the economic and social order and not to advance the peoples’ struggles.
So sacrificing or ending the rule of Compaore was not a big thing for them.
That is why the French rulers easily organized the transfer of power from captain Blaise Compaore to lieutenant colonel Yacouba Isaac Zida, deputy commander of the infamous presidential guard at the service of Compaore’s rule.
Yacouba Isaac Zida is white power in blackface too!
The first thing Yacouba Isaac Zida did was to dissolve the national assembly, abolish the 1991 Burkina Faso constitution, and impose a curfew and call for the international community to support him! Such a typical negro colonial politician!
Compaore is gone but the African petty bourgeoisie stays in power, the neo colonial state is intact!. Any genuine African revolution must first dismantle the African petty bourgeoisie neo-colonial state and close down all foreign imperialist military bases.
The discussion of choice between military or a civilian rule is a distraction. We want African self determination in Burkina Faso.
We want to be free from imperialist rule and domination!
The choice is between African revolution for unification and black power and neo-colonialism
The petty bourgeoisie leadership understand very well that the democratic movement in Burkina Faso does not have a revolutionary leadership and organization to mobilize, educate and organize the masses with an African internationalist revolutionary program.
This means that the uprising could never represent an imminent danger to the African petty bourgeoisie and imperialist bourgeoisie, who are fully aware of the limitations of such a movement!
In order of to maintain the status quo that is the world neo colonial order in place in Africa, Compaore and his family were forced to step down.
This means that whoever comes to power, he would come from the reservoir of tested loyal army officers and opposition leaders throughout the country, eager to sell out Africa to white imperialism, particularly the French imperialism, which has its soldiers stationed there on a conquered land.
The presence of West African regional leaders such as John Dramani Mahama, the Ghana’s president and ECOWAS’s Chairman, Jonathan Good luck from Nigeria and  Macky Sall from Senegal was  to secure an orderly maintenance of status quos , which will be accepted by key forces of the African petty bourgeoisie  without further mobilization of the people.
Deepen the peoples’ struggle in Burkina Faso
Since the fall of Compaore, the army officers have made it clear that the army, the most organized social force in Africa, intends to maintain power.
Sectors of the African petty bourgeois supported by a sector of the white liberal imperialist bourgeoisie are demanding a transition toward a civilian ruler under imperialist domination.
The missing ingredient for the deepening of the struggle in Burkina Faso is the existence of an African Internationalist party of the African working class connected to black revolution across the whole African nation.
The immediate task of such a party will be to educate and win the broad masses of African people there to African internationalist consciousness and practice.
Such a party amongst other demands will call for black power, unity and independence of the African nation to stop once and for all imperialist predators in Africa and engage on the road of mass and industrial development that will deliver bread, housing and health care for the whole masses of our people.
This is the only way we can claim and stand on the shoulders of Thomas Sankara, who organized against Imperialism, but did not have a revolutionary party and philosophy capable of identifying, isolating and neutralizing the sell-out elements of the African petty bourgeoisie against our revolution.
Currently, a plot is being hatched between the petty bourgeois military and civilian leaders in Burkina Faso. Their plan is to create the Transition National Council (CNT)—a 25 member parliament of the "opposition" leaders made up of 15 people from the military and  ten people from Compaore’s recently overthrown party—which is just another Compaore government without Compaore.
The CNT president would be a civilian with the power to appoint the 25 members of the transition government.
The French, the U.S. and the rest of white oppressor nations will continue to loot Burkina Faso of its gold, cotton, manganese, copper and other strategic resources we need for our own development.
Revolution in Africa must mean the overthrow of neo-colonial power everywhere in Africa under the leadership of African workers in alliance with peasants and all revolutionary forces in society.
It begins by building the ASI wherever we are located.
Stand shoulder to shoulder with our people in Burkina Faso!
Smash the Burkina Faso neo-colonial State!
Build the ASI today!



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