March against police terror in Free State, South Africa – Demonstrate January 24, 2016

FREE STATE, OCCUPIED AZANIA––Andrio Ntema, an African who owns a salon and art store in what has been designated as a white business district, suffered police terror on Thursday, Jan 7, 2016.
This proves to be another case characteristic of Occupied Azania’s (South Africa) daily attack on the African masses using the arm of the State––the South African Police Services (SAPS).
While the African National Congress (ANC) and white settlers have been trying to co-opt and pacify African students all over the country coming into consciousness about the land question, in Free State, there has been a direct struggle that needs Africans to be organized.
Africans are colonized wherever we are, even on our own land!
The white residents of Ladybrand had quibbled about a black business being in their community.
As a result, on January 7th, around 3:00 PM, there was an abrupt appearance by two pigs at Andrio’s place of work.
Andrio and his friend, while sitting under a tree outside his place of work, were approached by two pigs, one white and one African.
The police demanded, in typical Occupied Azanian fashion, to search the two Africans. The brothers complied without question.
When they found nothing ‘incriminating’, they went on to demand to search Andrio’s car, which belonged to his girlfriend. Again, the pigs found nothing.
At this point the two brothers are silent in the face of this harassment because in Occupied Azania, just like in Germany, Ferguson, Brussels, Nigeria and all over the African world, the State is classic for brutalizing and murdering our people for even asking a question.
One of the pigs remarked, while harassing the brothers, that the business Andrio runs does not belong there, that this area is designated white, despite this designation being made by foreigners on African land!
The pigs found nothing in the car that they could use to criminalize Andrio, thus opting to take a picture of the brothers.
At this point of humiliation, brother Andrio made the mistake of raising a question to one of the pigs. He asked why were they having their pictures taken.
That was Andrio’s mistake! The white pig came and shoved him and then forced the two Africans into the police vehicle.
The pigs drove the brothers to offices in the town and went into one of the buildings, separating the two Africans into different rooms.
Relationship of the colonial State to the colonized people
Andrio was wearing a t-shirt with Robert Mugabe on the chest and the white pig, after closing the door and shutting the windows of that room, confronted Andrio about his shirt and referred to Mugabe and African people as baboons, “I’ll show you a baboon like Mugabe,” is what the pig is alleged to have said.
The pig struck Andrio with numerous blows until the brother fell down. As Andrio tried to stand up he was hit with a bulletproof vest; at this point the negro pig came in to join his master.
Andrio was hit with a fire extinguisher on the head, falling unconscious. When he came to, the pigs sent him to a toilet and told him to wash off the blood.
After the horrific experience, the brothers went to the police station to file a report and the police jeered at the case, saying that this was nothing that could be reported. They called it a “common case of assault.”
Andrio could not even get medical treatment because the State had barred the local clinic from helping him. This shows that there is complicity between the two institutions as they are in the same area!
The truth about Free State and Occupied Azania!
Occupied Azania was built as a result of the attack on Africa. It was born the minute the Dutch landed on our shores.
In 1652 Jan Van Riebeeck, the “founding father” of what they deemed South Africa, came with a crew of thugs in a ship with pistols and weapons of conquest to conquer the land.
The Free State, contrary to its name, is a province known for its abject treatment of African farm workers, as it is vastly a capital of agriculture.
It is within these farms that African workers are exploited, dehumanized, raped and killed.
The Dutch, self-proclaimed as South Africans,––just like settlers in Occupied Palestine (Israel) and North America––have had a history of terrorizing the native population.
We see this from Jan van Riebeeck, Piet Retief, Terreblance, Basson all the way to Steve Hofmeyr today. These settlers hardly met any worthy retaliation from the masses!
The difference between colonial subjects and citizens of the colony (We are not South Africans! We are Africans!)
The assault was never a matter of Andrio either being a dreadlocked criminal or an educated businessman, it was a matter of power!
It was to show Andrio and other Africans who saw this happen that Occupied Azania and the rest of the white world has power and we don’t!
Cases such as that of Andrio are common, so common that Africans in Occupied Azania dare not speak or even look at a pig in a way that raises their eyebrow.
That is why Andrio did not ask questions when the “Stop and Frisk” was initiated!
The reality is that Occupied Azania is a white neocolonial settler State built on stolen African land.
African people there are told by the ANC, Democratic Alliance (DA) and other such fraudulent organizations that our people can share in South Africa and Mandela’s dream, forgetting that this country was built at the expense of Africa and African people!
South Africa officially drafted out in its parliamentary documents in 1948 that Africans were not citizens and thus had to carry passes.
Our land has been stolen by colonizers who, today, say they are indigenous due to the time they have been here.
Illegal white settlers have convinced a sector of our African population that we are not Africans but rather ‘coloureds.’
These people, under a false identity, have joined with the Dutch to attack the land question, saying Africans stole this land from the Indigenous African peoples such as the Khoisans, BaPedi, AmaXhosa, BaSotho, AmaZulu etc.
It is proven that the African population of Occupied Azania will not rest until it destroys neocolonialism and capitalism all over the world!
The ANC is a petty bourgeois organization that has represented the elite Africans with the means to integrate into white power since 1912.
This is why African puppets in the parliament endorse State violence against African workers, they are not here for the suffering African masses!
The African petty bourgeoisie is a class of compromise, opening up ports to anything that will bleed their people as long as they can get their cut, hence the ANC working with the blood-thirsty Chinese capitalists, the whites and any other parasitic anti-African entity! Either way, their time is up!
We say that justice for Andrio and every other African on the earth will only come about if the African working class has an international organization that organizes for power to be in the hands of the African working class!
An organization that will arm the masses and prepare the best sons and daughters of Africa to be the vanguard of African and oppressed peoples against imperialism and capitalism! The African Socialist International (ASI) is such organization.
Africans in Occupied Azania, this is a call to organize!
We have a demonstration to be held on the 24th of January 2016; for more information please email the ASI national co-ordinator: or call 073 9550 595.
Justice to Andrio Ntema!
Justice to all African victims of vertical violence! We shall win!
Death to white-power in black face!
All power to the people!
Black Power to the African community!


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