Libyan President Gaddafi murdered by imperialist lynch mob

(Tune in to on Sunday, October 23 at 11:00 a.m. U.S. Eastern Time for a live discussion on the imperialist assassination of Libyan leader Colonel Muammar Gaddafi and the overthrow of the Libyan government. Call in with your questions and comments regarding the living conditions for the Libyan people under Gaddafi, the Libyan government's involvement in economic development throughout the African continent, what is the background of the people in the National Transition Council and what is the role of international governments and military forces in planning and executing the overthrow of the Libyan government.)

The imperialist broadcast of the murder of Gaddafi is too late to demoralize or stop the ongoing rise of the African revolution.

The white press and their puppet presses around the world are celebrating the murder and fall of Libyan president Muammar Gaddafi.

It is no surprise that imperialist culture finds joy in the theft of other peoples’ resources and joy in murdering oppressed peoples’ leaders or anyone who dares to resist them.

U.S. culture revolves around the oppression and murder of African people and African leaders.

The broadcasting of the humiliation of Colonel Gaddafi was a “pick a nigger” operation—or picnic, as it is popularly known today.

The capture was broadcast to satisfy white people’s lust for blood.
In Africa, the vast majority of the people are in support of resistance against imperialism, even in the form of Gaddafi.

We were not calling for the blood of Gaddafi. It was an internet-televised lynching, part of the popular current and historical white culture of violence that has strangled African people for over 500 years.

Imperialism is a barbaric system that kills people who oppose it, or who prevent it from looting with unparalleled barbarity. Historical examples include the murders of Patrice Lumumba, Malcolm X, Che Guevara, Crazy Horse and Steve Biko, to name just a few.

National Transition Council (NTC) are imperialist henchmen, not revolutionaries

The white imperialist press, including the Russian and even the Iranian presses, refer to the NTC as revolutionaries.

This intentional misinformation is meant to add confusion. The NTC is a creation of U.S, French and British intelligences — secret, murderous police forces.

There is nothing democratic about that.

What kind of revolution is it to place the U.S. CIA, British MI5 and French DGSE in power? A revolution of traitors, cutthroats and anti-black thugs?

To term the NTC a “revolutionary” organization is an insult to the people of Africa and to oppressed peoples everywhere.

To call imperialist installed Libyan prime minister Mammouh Djibril and president Mustafa Jalil revolutionaries is to call U.S. president Barack Obama, French president Nicolas Sarkozy and British prime minister David Cameron revolutionaries, too.

These leaders all represent imperialism.

Any genuine revolution in Africa must:

  1. end the relationship that exists between oppressor white nations and the oppressed African nation,
  2. throw white power in any form—black face or Arab face—out of Africa,
  3. tear down all borders between African countries,
  4. demand reparations for enslavement and colonization of Africa and African people, and
  5. consolidate the foundation of a single African state, capable to respond to the basic and strategic needs and aspirations of the people of Africa.

Libya is under white imperialist occupation

There should be no doubt in any African’s mind that wherever there is a foreign soldier in the service of imperialism in Africa or in any part of the African nation anywhere, that it is under occupation.

Where there is a UN army — with or without Brazilian, Indian and other soldiers — or a French, U.S. AFRICOM or British military base, it is an occupation that must be resisted with all of our will and might.

The policies of Libya will go first to Washington, London and Paris for approval before being implemented.

These policies would speak first to the interests of imperialism and last — or never — to the interests of the people of Libya.

Libya today is a NATO military outpost against all struggles to overturn tyrannies in North Africa and in the whole of Africa.

The conquest of Libya is part of the white imperialist wars to recolonize Africa as a solution to rescue Europe from its current crisis of imperialism.

The Congo war, with more than five million dead; Somalia under the daily drone attacks; the split and occupation of South Sudan; the French assault on Ivory Coast to impose Ouattara; the joint French-U.S aggression on Haiti: are all part of imperialism’s war attempts to rescue imperialist oppressor nations at the expense of Africa and African people.

Obama: the highest manifestation of African petty bourgeois opportunism

The African petty bourgeois class’ future depends on selling their services and their souls to imperialism, in exchange for lucrative jobs and personal gains, at the expense of African people.
U.S. president Barack Obama represents the apex of that trajectory of treason.

A bigger betrayal of Africa cannot be found than Obama, than the assault on Africa under the leadership of a black man.

In his term, this black man has ordered the murders of both Osama bin Laden and Muammar Gaddafi.

Obama has led the first AFRICOM assault on Africa, has consolidated the split of Sudan, currently is leading the daily murder of Africans in Somalia with barbaric drone assaults, and has just sent U.S troops into Uganda to intensify the war in central Africa.

Obama belongs to the class of historical traitor figures that includes the likes of Mobutu, Bokassa, Compaore, and the sell-out ANC, which voted for the UN resolution that gave NATO airplanes the legal cover to bomb Libya and murder Gaddafi and African peoples in Libya.

African Socialist International is the only way forward

It has been clear from the beginning that to accept to be a president of a fragmented Africa is to agree with the status quo.

There is no safety for any population in Africa as long as Africa remains fragmented.

A true African is one who organizes across the whole of the African nation for a united African action against imperialism.

For every conflict, we must respond as one people, until all imperialist power has been defeated.

To fight alone against imperialism is to accept the verdict of imperialism on Africa and African people: a permanent slave status.

African leaders must actively organize for the death of imperialism everywhere in the African world.

The fall of Gaddafi’s regime is just another example that it does not matter how radical the leader is, if his petty bourgeois class outlook and worldview prevent him from understanding the revolutionary role of the international African working class.

We understand that only the African working class, who created the wealth that made and maintains white imperialist life, can succeed in making this international African revolution.

Libya’s liberation is part of the ASI struggle to free and unite Africa.

The people must lead their own struggle, which is why we do say this is our time.

Join us for demonstrations in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in the U.S. and in London, England on November 5, 2011.

In Philadelphia, we will rally at Broad Street and Susquehanna at 12pm and march from there to the conference site at 1310 North Broad Street.

In London, we will demonstrate outside the U.S. embassy at 1pm.

Contact :, 07862 294 364

NATO and AFRICOM out of Africa!

Obama and NTC are puppets of white imperialism!

African resistance goes on until victory!

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