Killer cop Peter Liang receives no prison time for murdering Akai Gurley

Brooklyn, NEW YORK––NYPD cop Peter Liang, who murdered African Akai Gurley in cold blood, will receive no prison time.

Brooklyn judge Danny Chun––who functions as a mouthpiece for the State––ordered Liang to serve five years probation and complete 800 hours of community service on April 19, 2016.

Chun said that Liang “never intended to shoot, let alone kill Akai Gurley, while patrolling a dark stairwell in a Brooklyn housing project with his gun drawn.”

The murder of Akai happened in Brooklyn, New York on November 20, 2014. Akai was in the stairwell of his apartment building with his girlfriend, Kim Ballinger, who was braiding his hair.

Liang and his partner entered the stairwell with a mission of hunting for Africans to intimidate, which is normal operating procedure for police around the world.

Liang had his gun already drawn when entering the stairwell with no regard as to who was in the stairwell.

Immediately upon seeing Akai, Liang shot him in the chest. Akai, not realizing that he had been shot, fled for his life. Kim fled with him.

Akai collapsed a few hundred feet away. During the moments that the brother lay gasping his last breaths, Liang stood nearby on the phone with his lawyer.

Liang never once administered CPR to brother Akai, nor did he call an ambulance. Akai’s girlfriend pleaded with the pigs to help Akai but they did nothing.

Akai died on the scene shortly after.

Liang gets a support rally

On February 20th, thousands of Asians participated in a protested in support of Peter Liang. The protesters believed that Liang was being treated unfairly when compared to other murderous pigs.

Liang’s supporters failed to understand that the role of the State is to protect the interests of the ruling class by oppressing Africans and other colonized people. To put it plainly, the police is an arm of the State whose job is to terrorize and murder colonized people.

Liang, despite being Asian, is doing the work of white power, and should not be given any support by the Asian masses. Liang represents neocolonialism.

Africans vs the State

Akai’s family sat in the courtroom while the judge announced his decision of no prison time for Peter Liang.

Kim Ballinger said this of Akai’s daughter, “Everyday Akaila asks why her dad was killed by a police officer.”

Akai’s aunt said, “Akai had family that loved him just like Peter Liang, a mother just like Peter Liang. But Liang’s mother can come visit him every day. Akai Gurley’s mom…has to visit his grave.”

We have seen time and time again that Africans can be murdered in broad daylight and the State does nothing to criminalize the murders.

Black Community Control of the Police

The African People’s Socialist Party (APSP) understands that the responsibility of the State is not to protect Africans.

Africans worldwide must realize that the only way to stop the brutalization of our people is to take back power from the State.

We cannot beg the oppressor to punish itself. We must take power in our own hands.

We need Black Community Control of the Police! We must charge the U.S. with genocide!

The APSP is fighting for black community control of the police. This means that pigs like Peter Liang stand trial in front of the African community. The police would answer to us.

Pig Liang would be tried, convicted, and sentenced if we had Black Community Control of the Police.

Despite organized protests by groups such as “BlackLivesMatter,” murders of Africans by the State have actually increased.

This is because these groups have no material demands. They have no solution to put forward besides pleading with the oppressor to be kind to Africans.

The APSP has a platform with demands. In fact, anyone can view the demands of the APSP on their website at

The APSP has a solution, which is putting power into the hands of the African people. We understand that power will never be given to us. We will have to take power.

The only solution is revolution.

We are sick and tired of seeing our people murdered with no consequence. We are tired of these faux groups and people whose only purpose is to prolong the pain and suffering of our people.

Join the African People’s Socialist Party!

Register at

Charge the U.S. with genocide!

Sign the petition at

Fists Up Fight Back!!

Black Community Control of the Police!!

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