Justice for Ricky Bishop! Rally November 23, 2013

Join the rally to commemorate the 12th anniversary of the Brixton police murder of Ricky Bishop
What happened?
Under the guise of Operation Clean Sweep, a public policy of police containment of the African community, Ricky Bishop, a 25-year-old black man and father of one who was also a bodybuilding coach and volunteer fitness trainer, was killed by the British Police.
On November 22, 2001, Ricky and his European/white friend were out driving, going about their business, when their car was pulled over by police on Dalyell Road (Brixton).
Despite there being two people in the car, the police carried out stop and search activity on Ricky, who was the passenger in the car. All the items in his pockets were taken and placed on top of the car. At this point it was clear to the Police they had no evidence of any drugs, etc—yet the police detained Ricky and the car at the police station for reasons unknown.
Ricky’s friend, the driver of the car, was not searched or detained.
How he died
CCTV evidence shows that Ricky arrived handcuffed at the station where he was arrested and taken up several flights of stairs to a small room (in which we have no visual footage).
Four hours later, Ricky was dead, still handcuffed and on the floor in the A&E Department of King College Hospital, whilst watched by the murderous police officers, who were joking and laughing about a scar on his stomach.
All this took place in the presence of a doctor on duty who administered no medical attention whatsoever until Ricky began fitting. By then it was too late.
Who killed Ricky Bishop?
The police on the scene were inspector Paul Martin, a black policeman who was the senior officer on duty; PC Simon McDaniel; PC Richard Atkins; PC Christopher Rees; PC Michael Lane; PC Daniel Woods; PC Richard Luck; PC Nicolas; PC Paul Gittins; PC Shane Molyneux; PC Christopher Davis and PC Mark Johnston.
Police cover up and criminal negligence
Brixton police, then led by Brian Paddick, covered up the brutal and violent assault by hiding evidence. For example he submitted to the courts handcuffs that were not used to contain Ricky on that day, sealed off a different small room and altered one of their own witness’s statement.
PC Richard Atkins was part of the Brixton’s drug team and had access to the drugs shoved into Ricky’s body.  
The neck-hold and painful appliances used to restrain Ricky were unlawful but were still the norm in the Brixton police station as the officers who committed the murder admitted to using illegal holds on Ricky.
The senior police were aware of junior police’s activities, yet sanctioned them even though they had known them to be illegal.
According to "evidence" from police, they said, once Ricky was in the police station, they noticed his cheeks bulging. Then he produced a chewed-up plastic wrapping that was concealed in his mouth.
The plastic wrapping was force-fed by Brixton Police and contained Ricky’s DNA. However, a pipe that was found in his friend’s car did not have any of his DNA on it.
The police’s own expert witnesses and pathologists said Ricky would have had to take 50 times that amount of cocaine to support the police evidence and would have had to take the drugs in front of the police.
The truth is there was no plastic wrapping in Ricky’s stomach when he entered the police station.  Either Ricky was faced with eight police officers unwrapping 50 packets of cocaine to force-feed him or he was forced to consume a large amount of the drug.
Denied access to justice
At the inquest, Ricky’s case was allocated to a judge who was not in a position to adjudicate matters relating to murder and so the jury did not have the option to make such a verdict.
The International People’s Democratic Uhuru Movement (InPDUM)
InPDUM is an organization of the African working class that mobilizes the community around issues of self-determination and social justice for the entire African community.
Operation Clean Sweep has nothing to do with crime. The real crimes are being committed against black people. The State has imposed an illegal drug economy on our community while wiping out any legal economy for our youths to participate in; the State criminalizes our community and then uses the presence of this government-imposed drug economy as a reason to flood our community with brutal, murderous police!
     -The arrest, trial and convictions for murder of Ricky Bishop's killers:
193083 Paul Martin, PC Simon McDaniel, PS53 Richard Atkins, PC605 Christopher Rees, PC669 Michael Lane, PC800 Daniel Wood, PC108 Richard Luke, PC972 Nicolas Wilson, PC619 Paul Gittens, PC635 Shane Molyneaux, PC188 Christopher Davis and PC916 Mark Johnston. 
     – Reparations to the family of Ricky Bishop!
     – End the public policy of police containment!
Phone: 07723067486
Self Determination is the Highest Expression of Democracy!
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