Jury Deliberates for 7 Hours, Lynch Mob finds Ajamu & Moses Guilty!

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Another page in the struggle to free Comrade Ajamu Bandele’s has turned today with his conviction by a lynch mob jury. Through the sham called the “judicial process” the
first of several obstacles was of the 41 potential jurors, only one
was African and there were no Latinos; this despite the fact that the
trial took place in a city where Africans makes up 25% of the
population (this not including the Latino population).

Second, of all the testimony provided by the State, none of the police
that took part in the bust, saw what happened! Not one said, “I saw
Moses buy drugs from Orlando”. Every cop said, “I couldn’t see what
happened in the truck, it was dark”. Lastly, Moses Coleman gave a
heroic testimony that through the prosecution off. Attorney Comery
with the DA’s office, was so arrogant the she anticipated being able
to make Moses look stupid, but he wiped the courtroom floor up with
her! He is a true African Hero!

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The State is the State!

It is important for us to have the capacity to defend ourselves as
every attorney, judge, police officer, and military personel are a
part of the State apparatus. The defense attorney, Jay Whittle,
deliberately sabatoged what was an easy case to win. He made no
objections throughout the trial and he raised not one word about
Ajamu’s political work, even as the prosecutor opened the door for
it. Lastly, he convinced Ajamu not to testify under the guise that he
would raise his work, his schooling, and his family in his closing
statement, none of which he did. He did the prosecutor’s job for her!
We have to make a struggle to find “progressive” attorneys as the
State increases its attacks on the movement.

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Further Evidence of the Attacks on the right to “Free Speech”

On day one of the trial, an arrogant Judge Snyder caved to the request
made by Prosecutor Comery to force the gallery of supporters to remove
their “Free Ajamu” t-shirts; this despite acknowledging that Supreme
Court ruled that “supporters” could where items into the courtroom. He
basically said, “although the Supreme Court said it’s okay, I’m still
gonna make you take them off”. This action set the stage for the
subsequent “railroad” that took place.

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“They Have Not Won a Victory, Only Further Exposed Their Corruption”

I want to personally thank all those who contributed to this
campaign and say that WE WILL WIN. We will be immediately filing the
post- trial motions, for retrial and an appeal. You can still
contribute to the “Free Ajamu” legal defense by purchasing your
official “Free Ajamu” t-shirt today for only $15.

Click here to purchase a Free Ajamu t-shirt


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