Join the We are Patrice Lumumba Coalition for Social Justice and Reparations

Joseph Kabila cannot steal the election for presidency of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) without the blessing of those who fund his regime, notably the governments of the U.S., UK, France, Belgium and Canada.


These same governments are also the main looters of the DRC.


The UK is now the leading bilateral donor of the DRC.


That is why we say if we want to have free elections, we must be a free people. If we want a free Congo, we must organize and fight to complete the Congolese Revolution of the Sixties.


We want to reaffirm to our people that only victory over imperialism constitutes the foundation of genuine democracy.


Elections organized by imperialist and neocolonial forces


Elections are organized by the imperialists and the African petty bourgeois to codetermine who should control the State power to serve imperialism.


For those of us who want to free the Congo and its people from imperialism, we must equip the people with our own solution.


Ours is a program that demands an end to imperialism, the bureaucrats and African petty bourgeois sell-out compradors.


We want to expose and challenge the monopoly of neocolonialists using the electoral process to keep power.


We can take advantage of the electoral process whenever our capacities allow us to do so, but it is a successful Revolutionary National Democratic Program that will free the people of Congo.


In the Congo, no matter what happens, the Kabila regime is seen by the vast majority as an illegitimate ruler; a robber of elections and a Rwandan puppet.


Where are the voices of freedom?


The liberal white international press has gone silent. While they have been able to report on Syria, Russia and elsewhere, none of them has been at the forefront of reporting neither on the genocide in the Congo or our freedom struggles happening right at their doorsteps.


Where is Obama and those he seduced into believing that he would usher in an era of democracy in Africa?


His supporters said that he will change the nature of politics in Africa, but he has instead engaged in a policy of militarily overthrowing African presidents and expanding the so-called “war on terror” in Somalia.


The We are Patrice Lumumba Coalition stands for African liberation


We chose the name, the We are Patrice Lumumba Coalition, because Lumumba represents dignity, immense courage and unshakeable faith in his people’s ability and determination to complete the struggle for the liberation of the Congo.


I know and I feel in my heart, that sooner or later my people will shake off all their enemies, inside and outside our land, and that they will rise as one man to say “No!” to the shame and degradation of colonialism, and to assume once again their dignity under clear skies.


Lumumba’s legacy is a call for social justice and national liberation.


His love for freedom and his people was so great that he died for it. He did not fear the constant imperialist threats to kill him.


Lumumba told white colonialists and their black puppets alike that the Congo was not up for sale.


He refused to collaborate in imperialist banditry and genocide. He was the first post-colonial African martyr in the Congo.


We chose this name, because like Patrice Lumumba, we are sick and tired of the fact that we come from the richest country on Earth but we are the poorest people.


We want our wealth for ourselves first. As Lumumba said, “We shall take care that the soil of our country really provides for the good of her children.”


The coalition connects Congo with the worldwide African people’s struggle for Liberation


We are following Lumumba, because he understood that the struggle to free the Congo and its people must be connected with the struggle to free all of Africa and its people.


That is what’s needed to strategically defeat imperialism and build a better future together.


With the understanding that the whole capitalism system requires from its birth and for its existence, the forceful dispersal, fragmentation, exploitation, repression and domination of the African nation, we believe that the liberation of Africa makes an all African solution necessary.


We are the Patrice Lumumba Coalition and we are part of the Black is Back Coalition for Social Justice and Reparations (BIB), an all African organization fighting for genuine African self-determination, and mobilizing worldwide against all imperialist wars on Africa and African people everywhere.


We want to prepare everyone in the Congo for the upcoming struggle to take the Congo back into our own hands and to build a new worldwide movement to free Africans everywhere.


We chose Lumumba to signify an answer to the call he made to African people, to stand against all forms of imperialism and neocolonialism.


Lumumba said, “We are not alone. Africa, Asia and the free and freed peoples all over the world will always stand beside those millions of Congolese who will not give up the struggle until the day when no colonizers and no mercenaries are left on our soil.”


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