John McCarthy of Center for Political Innovation salutes the African People’s Socialist Party for its fight against dying imperialism

On behalf of CPI and Caleb Maupin, we’re honored to have been invited to participate because we understand the fight to defend the Uhuru 3 is the most  critical fight in this country. 

Apparently, some of our fair- weather friends don’t agree with that. They don’t like what the government is doing to you.They’re against it. But they don’t see the urgency, and quite frankly, they don’t see the urgency because they have nothing to worry about. 

Because they’re not doing or saying anything that will get them in any kind of real trouble.

Their revolution has permits for the next 10-15 years. But we at the Center of Political Innovation, understand the urgency because we understand that this case is not about free speech in the sense of voicing your opinions or airing your grievances. 

This is about them trying to stop telling people the truth they need to replace this system. 

Just like the African People’s Socialist Party, you’re separating from colonialism by creating and contending dual institutions of power with your businesses, clinics, and training programs. At the same time, countries all over the world are separating themselves from this dying system of imperialism. 

They are dumping the dollar, banning together, taking control of their resources, and building something. The people don’t just have a right to know about that, they need to know it. 

The occupants in the building over there [the white house] need for the people not to know about that. They can’t have people knowing that a better way to this dying system is not only possible but that it is coming into existence,  and growing and getting stronger every day. 

So, that’s why they came after you, to silence you. That’s why we at CPI are very grateful that you are standing up, fighting back, and winning. Because by doing that, you are allowing us to stand up, fight back, and win.

We’re grateful to you for that. And we promise you we’re not gonna waste the gift you have given us. 

We will use that gift to give the people the truth they need to build what  must be built, so we don’t all die with this dying system.



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