John Lewis crowd surfs over a white audience and encourages Africans to be passive

NEW YORK—John Lewis, the U.S. congressman who has a never-ending need for “white acceptance,” crowd surfed following an interview on August 31, 2016 on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

The grinning 76-year-old allowed the mostly-white audience to lift him up from the stage as he “surfed” his way over the crowd’s outstretched hands. 

For his entire career, Lewis has used his time in the Civil Rights Movement to keep himself in the limelight and in the favor of white people, and at the expense of the African population. 

White ruling class media loved the event. 

They described Lewis as a “civil rights hero” and “gnarly crowd surfer,” amongst other things. 

One newspaper wrote, “Congressman Lewis has done many incredible things in his life. He has marched and shed blood for the Civil Rights Movement. And now he has crowd surfed…”

No matter how many crowds of white people Lewis decides to glide over, it will not stop the hell that African people catch from white power on a daily basis. 

John Lewis preaches nonviolence as genocide is committed on Africans

This is not the only display of coonery by John Lewis this year. He attempted to pacify African demonstrators who were gathered in front of the capitol in D.C. on July 7, 2016, to protest the recent police murders of Alton Sterling, Philando Castile and other Africans. 

On cue, Lewis swept to the bullhorn, flanked by his white handlers, and repeated his same old, tired refrain. 

He told the demonstrating Africans, who were being kept off the capitol steps, that “I went to jail 40 times in the ‘60s, but I never gave in,” admonishing them to do the same.

But when he told them they “gotta be peaceful,” they immediately shouted him down, forcing him to give up the bullhorn. 

In the face of outright State murder against Africans, Lewis told Africans to be “peaceful” and “nonviolent.” He wants Africans to sit on our hands and do nothing while white people beat us bloody and murder us. 

He expressed just that in an interview which he gave on January 15, 2016. Lewis said, “The movement created what I like to call a nonviolent revolution. It was love at its best. It’s one of the highest form of love. That you beat me, you arrest me, you take me to jail, you almost kill me, but in spite of that, I’m going to still love you.”

It is ridiculous comments like this that make the State and white people “love” John Lewis so much. He tells Africans not to retaliate when they are being brutalized by the State. 

Lewis went on to say during the interview when speaking about his nonviolence training: 

“We did go through the motion, the drama, of saying that if someone kick you, spit on you, pull you off the lunch counter stool, continue to make eye contact. Continue to give the impression, yes, you may beat me, but I’m human. Be friendly, try to smile, and just stay nonviolent.

“…We, from time to time, would discuss if you see someone attacking you, beating you, spitting on you, you have to think of that person, you know, years ago that person was an innocent child, innocent little baby.”

Africans demand power!

The young Africans fighting back in the streets are demanding Black Power! They are tired of these Uncle Tom, bootlicking sellouts like John Lewis, who have masochist tendencies. Lewis seems to get gratification from being beaten and abused. 

Any sensible African knows that the only way to change our condition is for Africans to take power. 

The African People’s Socialist Party (APSP) fights for power. 

We reject the statements of John Lewis as a hero. Our heroes are Micah Xavier and Gavin “Cosmo” Long, Malcolm X and Marcus Garvey. 

Join the Party that fights for black power! Join APSP at!




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