Jewish settlers dig in to keep possession of Palestinian land


LONDON––The Jewish settler’s leaders are involved in a criminal attempt to legalize their occupation of settlements on land stolen from Jordan, Syria and Palestine in Israel’s 1967 colonial war.

On November 6, 2016, the Israeli settler colonial government approved what the New York Times characterized as “a contentious bill that would allow for the retroactive legalization of Jewish settlement outposts built on privately-owned Palestinian land in the occupied West Bank. The measure breaks a longstanding taboo, and in the view of many experts, it defies international law.”

For many Palestinians, this is nothing but the continuity of the theft of their land by Europeans that started in 1948 and has made them landless in their own land.

Despite the fact that this new law has not yet been approved by the Israeli settler parliament, it is clear that the legalization of these so-called outposts is nothing but the annexation of West Bank, dear to white nationalist Israelis who dream of land conquests from the Nile River in Africa to the Euphrates in the Middle East.

This comes in the face of the approaching deadline from the Israeli supreme court for Israeli settlers to evacuate the Amona settlement—a blatant Jewish occupation of Palestinian families’ private land in the West Bank.

This latest assault on the rights of Palestinian people to be a self-determining people on their own land exposes all those who advocate a two-state solution, which legitimizes the existence of the Israel settler State alongside a tiny neocolonial State located mainly in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

Everyone can see that the settlers do not intend to share anything with the Palestinian people. They intend to take it all.

Only a unified Palestinian struggle supported by the whole Arab and Muslim world and other oppressed peoples will stop the ongoing invasion of Palestinian land.

Evacuation of Amona settlement raises stakes very high

There is no such thing as Israel proper. The whole of the so-called Israeli State and country is illegitimate. It is built on land stolen at gun point by white people from Europe, not so long ago in 1948.

To legalize settlements in occupied territories which were stolen during the 1967 imperialist war with Arabs only shows the Jewish leaders’ arrogance and contempt for Palestinian and other oppressed peoples of the world.

Like white power States around the world, the State of Israel legalizes itself. It declares its theft legal.

It is law imposed at gunpoint, around which it expects the rest of humanity to comply.

White power’s law is the law of the oppressor nations over the oppressed nations. It is unjust and illegitimate by its very nature.

The Israeli court decision to evacuate the settlements does not mean that the Israeli State is now opposed to settler colonialism or that they are for Palestinian self-determination.

On the contrary, the Israeli settler State remains the cornerstone of Israeli occupation and violence against the Palestinian people.

They use the Supreme Court to give a false sense of justice, a sense that there is a fair and legitimate process that can deliver justice to all.

History shows that every time they decide against “illegal settlement,” the government attacks even more of the Palestinian people by building more settlement housing units.

The more the Israeli law decides against the settlements, the more aggressive the Israeli settler government builds housing for settlers in occupied territories.

In a December 12 article on, senior Fatah member Qadura Fares explains, “The Palestinians are concerned about more than just violent clashes with settlers preparing for the evacuation. Citing past experience, they anticipate the government taking steps to appease the settlers after the evacuation by starting to demolish Palestinian homes in the West Bank’s Area C and in Palestinian neighborhoods in East Jerusalem.” 

Every time the settlers are displaced, they get compensated. This is just like during the enslavement of Africans when the white slave masters got compensated every time there was a formal acknowledgement of the end of slavery, while the oppression of Africans continued and even deepened.

The settlers in these illegal settlement outposts are terrorists inside Palestinian neighborhoods

“What you have to know is that generally, the most extreme settlers go to the illegal outposts, including Amona,” Salim Abu Qas, a resident in Eid Yabrud, explained in the same article. “Whenever they see Palestinian property, they think of it as something they can destroy. They damage vehicles, they throw stones and they uproot trees. They consider us the reason they cannot expand and take over the entire territory.”

The Israeli settler society is a militarized society where there is no civilian. Everyone is armed to keep Palestinians down.

We are not surprised that this is a colonial norm and practice in Palestine. We have always said that colonialism is the glue that unites all sectors of white people against oppressed nations and peoples.

Colonialism is the basis for the existence of bourgeois white nations. From white bosses to white workers, from the right to the left, from the atheists to the religious, all Jews became Israelis in a war of aggression and conquest of the Palestinian people.

The law simply validates that colonial relationship of Israeli white power and the oppressed, stateless Palestinian people.

The unity of white people is encapsulated in this poll discussed in a December 10 article in Financial Times:

 “A recent poll published by the Israel Democracy Institute found that 44 percent of Jewish Israelis would support annexing the West Bank, against 38 percent who would oppose doing so.”

It is quite clear from this quote that white people are aware that the land is not theirs. The Jewish people are not dupe.

They are materialists. They have made a choice to solve their problem with Nazi Germany and the rest of the white world where Jews used to be persecuted at the expense of the Palestinian people.

They have made a choice to end the Jewish stateless status, and they are going to rob Palestinian land at the expense of the Palestinian people—not the Germans, Russians or Spanish who historically oppressed them.

They assaulted, murdered and displaced Palestinian people and replaced them with white people from all over the white world.

The struggle for the national liberation of Palestine exposes opportunist sellouts among the Arab people—particularly Saudi Arabia’s rulers and the monarchs of the so-called Gulf States.

Not only do they cooperate with the Israeli settler State against Syria, Iran and others, but they also make war against poor people in Yemen instead of using their vast resources to mobilize and drive imperialists out of the Middle East.

Victory to Palestinian people!

Long Live the Palestinian Revolution!

Smash Israeli Settlers colonialism!




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