InPDUM London message and invitation to student protestors

Freedom Greetings to you all.

The International People's Democratic Uhuru Movement (InPDUM) stands in solidarity with the demands of African and other students for a right to free University education and the action in London to express this demand! 

It is incredulous that the British government can find money to pour into militarization of police in order to suppress the people from carrying out their legitimate rights. 

We in InPDUM have been engaged in a struggle on behalf of the African community to fight against the public policy of police containment, which at best is a draconian substitution for economic development.

Stop and search powers directed primarily against African youth in this country are used and abused under the guise of so-called wars on drugs, guns, knives and gangs. 

InPDUM maintains that the real violence imposed on our community comes both directly and indirectly from the hands of the state!

The murder of Christopher Alder, Joy Gardener, Derek Bennet, Ricky Bishop, Azelle Rodney, Paul Coker, Sean Rigg, Kingsley Burrell, Mark Duggan and Demetre Fraser to name a few, are not just the random acts of a few bad apples in the British police forces, but represent the total lack of regard for black life by the UK government, whether it be in the form of a coalition, a Labour, a Lib-Dem or a Conservative rule.

Oppression is just that, no matter how cute it may dress up and how eloquent its words may be! 

Just as the state is responsible for the attack on the general student population in the UK, it has been responsible for many years of ongoing vicious attacks on African working class and other oppressed communities right here too! 

As we make this statement of solidarity, we also want to call on all students to seize the opportunity to strengthen this stance against oppression by standing in solidarity with the most oppressed section of society, by joining us on Saturday November 12 at 1pm in Windrush Square, Brixton SW2, for our march against police brutality and state imposed postcode wars! 

We are saying ENOUGH is ENOUGH!! We are calling for BLACK JUSTICE and BLACK UNITY! 

We are calling for other oppressed peoples and in particular white people to stand on the right side of history alongside us in this demand for economic development for the African community as opposed to police containment of it. 

Victory to the Students!  Victory to the African Working Class! 

Uhuru (means Freedom)!

Kwabena Gyakye Kimathi
InPDUM London Branch President


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