InPDUM Convention returning to its birthplace September 26-27 in Chicago

CHICAGO—On September 26 and 27, members, friends and allies of the International People’s Democratic Movement (InPDUM) will return to Chicago for its 25th Annual Convention.

Chairman Omali Yeshitela, leader of the African Socialist International and the Uhuru Movement will deliver the keynote address at the Convention as he did 25 years ago.

It was in Chicago in 1991 that InPDUM held its initial founding convention.

Since that time the organization has built itself into a formidable anti-imperialist, African Internationalist formation in the U.S., Canada, in Europe and in Africa.

InPDUM has fought for the colonized and oppressed African populations throughout the world. The convention will plan the way forward.

Its major campaigns, Africans Charge Genocide UN petition and Black Community Control of the Police will be major concerns of this convention organized around the slogan “Black Power Matters!”

If you want to struggle for real black workers power, Chicago is the place for you on September 26 and 27. Register Now!

Go to the website and get registered today!

Black Power Matters!

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