Imperialist war on Syria is a war to shift power balance and dominate the region!

Western imperialism is at war against Syria because Bashar al-Assad’s regime is not part of the axis of countries dominated by the imperialists in the Middle East.

Syria and Iran are two countries opposed to the United States and Israel’s domination of this region of the Islamic world.

The African Socialist International (ASI) is not a follower of Bashar al-Assad, but we are opposed to any imperialist war or intervention anywhere in the world.

The ASI is for resistance against imperialist domination and the right of oppressed peoples to self-determination.

The ASI also supports the democratic aspirations and legitimate demands of the Syrian people against Bashar al-Assad’s regime.

The world has changed since the collapse and dismemberment of the Soviet Union, and there no longer exists a cold war pretext to provide cover to the U.S. and former Soviet Union to divide the world according to their interests.

For more than a year, the United States, France and Great Britain have supported and armed "Syrian rebels" to overthrow the regime of Bashar al-Assad.

This military effort is funded by the Gulf States of Qatar, the States of the Arab Emirate, Oman, Kuwait, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia.

These regimes are also the main neocolonial forces behind the moribund Arab League, whose impotence and treason are exposed by their collaboration in the occupation of Palestine by Israel and in the murder of more than two million Iraqis by U.S. imperialism and their allies.

Syria is targeted for counterinsurgency warfare operations such as disinformation, infiltration, military desertion, mass murder, economic sabotage, etc.

In brief, counterinsurgency warfare is a specialty of the U.S., France, Israel and Britain to maintain the status quo against oppressed peoples.

The Turkish government has turned its back on Assad’s regime, and has agreed with the U.S.’s plan to attack Syria by making its territory at the Syrian border available to the rebels to attack Syria.

Jordan is also participating in this effort to destabilize and unseat the regime of Bashar al-Assad.

The United States and its allies seek to reverse the balance of power in the region

Numerous reports that speak of the presence of veterans of Al Qaeda, French, Israeli, British and American Special Forces and mercenaries in Syria, are indicative of the reactionary character of those Syrians who receive their support.

The Russian press has also reported the capture of the French mercenaries in Syria.

Imperialism is inherently opposed to the liberation of oppressed peoples. Saudi Arabia, which is a country where women cannot even drive a car, is not an example for human rights, and the Riyadh regime is fiercely opposed to any form of democratization in the region, be it in Bahrain, Yemen, Syria or in Saudi Arabia itself.

Therefore the intervention by Saudi Arabia can only be reactionary in nature.  

In addition, Syria has a strategic alliance with Iran, whose contribution to the Palestinian and Lebanese resistance cannot be underestimated.

Iran and Syria are also two countries that allow China and Russia to have an independent policy in the region.

The support of China and Russia in the Security Council of the United Nations has been crucial for the survival of Bashar al-Assad’s regime.

China seeks to maintain its access to oil and other minerals in the region while also developing trade in the region.

Unlike in Libya, white imperialism has failed to obtain a cover from the UN Security Council to bombard Syria.

The popular struggles which occurred recently in Egypt, Tunisia, Yemen and Bahrain have contributed to the isolation of Israel.

These struggles shook the Arab tyrants allied with the American, French, British and other imperialists.

As a result, Mubarak and Ben Ali are no longer there to cover for the state of Israel, which is a military outpost of U.S. imperialism and a settler colonial state in the Muslim world.

Changes caused by these struggles have the potential to benefit the resistance of the Islamist forces in Palestine, Lebanon and Iran.

Today, nothing is decided in Iraq without the consent of Iraqi Shia power, which is also an ally of Iran's Shia regime in Iran.

The popular resistance that has rocked the Sunni minority regime in the Kingdom of Bahrain for more than a year comes from the Shia community, which is also sympathetic to Iran's Shia regime in Tehran.

The Kingdom of Bahrain has warships of the U.S. Fifth Fleet on its soil, without which the United States cannot dominate this region of the world.

This region of the world has not been the same since the fall of the regime of the Shah of Iran in 1979.

The repressive regimes of the Shah of Iran and that of Israel were the main two gendarmes of imperialism in the region.

Today, it is this march of oppressed peoples for self-determination that the United States is attempting to reverse.

The imperialists and the monarchies of the Gulf States are seeking to overthrow the government of Assad and to replace it with a pliable regime which will guarantee their interests.

The military capability at the disposal of these armed “rebels” is impressive.

The Milan missile launchers have heat detectors, radios and other instruments.

These missiles have been placed on every street in the district Baba Amr in Homs, at the cost of 120,000 Swiss Francs (130,000 USD). Each missile costs about 15,000 Francs (16,000 USD).

When fighting, the missiles were fired at a rate of two to three shots per minute.

The wars and the resistance of the peoples will accelerate the fall of imperialism

The imperialists are unable to learn the obvious lessons that the recent anti-colonial history teaches us all.

The decline of the colonial powers will continue and accelerate.

The attacks on Libya and Syria will fail to stop the onward march for the national liberation of oppressed nations.

A new world is being built.

Colonized people are tired of being the objects of history for Europe and North America.

We want to again become the subjects of our own destiny and history.

For oppressed peoples from oppressed nations to become real citizens, we must necessarily end the relationship that ties oppressed nations to the oppressor nations.

We must put an end to our status as providers of the stolen resources and stolen labor which imperialism needs to exist.

Imperialism’s threats of attacking oppressed nations, as Chairman Omali Yeshitela has said, are not a sign of strength for imperialism, but rather a sign of weakness and of ongoing decline.

Bankrupted and hyper-indebted, Europe and the U.S. do not have the means to reverse the decline of white imperialism.

Imperialism unable to reverse the onward march for national liberation in the world

The threat of Israeli strikes against the Iranian nuclear program, the occupation of Afghanistan, Iraq and Kuwait, the aggression against Syria, the overthrow of the regime of Gaddafi, the presence of AFRICOM in Africa (Somalia, Congo, Sudan, etc.) reflect the desperation of white imperialism to reverse the gains of oppressed peoples’ struggles for national liberation.

In what is called the Middle East, the emergence of Iran as a regional power has happened at the expense of the United States and its allies.

The power of Iran is in Iraq, in Lebanon, in Syria and in Palestine against the dying power of the United States.

U.S. foreign policy in Iran and Syria pursues the same objectives, which is to reverse these two regimes and replace them with docile traitor regimes.

Sanctions against the Iranian regime are a form of undeclared economic war that the United States is waging against Iran.

The emergence of China, and to a lesser extent India, as powers in Asia and around the world at the expense of the white imperialist powers are objective factors that the United States and its allies in Europe cannot reverse.

The policy of containing these powers or any other of the world will fail brilliantly.

They cannot stop the march of history.

Kofi Annan in the United Nations will not change anything.

The United States has acted unilaterally in the Middle East whenever the UN has not adopted its aggression and mass destruction program.

The will of peoples to free themselves is greater than the technology of destruction of the United States

The African Socialist International is in solidarity with the aspirations and legitimate demands of the peoples of the Middle East.

We consider imperialism as the main enemy of the peoples of the Middle East, be they Iranians, Kurds, Arabs or others.

The struggles of African people and those of the peoples of the Middle East are an integral part of the struggle of all colonized peoples, who are the driving and decisive forces of progress for humanity.

The African population, dispersed throughout the world is strategic by its structural relationship with imperialism, which was born of the capture and enslavement of Africa and African people.

Africans are the producers of the primitive accumulation of capital, which capitalism has depended on since its birth to exist.

We call on all peoples in the Middle East who stand against imperialism to join us to form a true international organization whose primary mission would be the defeat of imperialism.

We want the destruction of the relationship that ties the oppressed nations to the oppressor countries.

This struggle can be directed only by the working class of colonized peoples, whose historic mission is to destroy the pedestal upon which imperialism sits.

Without this pedestal, imperialism could not exist.

“Humanitarian” intervention is a strategy of imperialist plunder

Europeans shamelessly declared themselves the explorers and civilizers of the world to hide their criminal and genocidal enterprise for five centuries of colonial conquest and oppression.

On behalf of their Christian civilization and “white man’s burden,” they exterminated the Indegenous peoples of the Americas and confiscated their land.

They kidnapped Africa and Africans before reducing us into slavery.

From the beginning to the present day, imperialism has historically attacked every African liberation movement,   from Queen Nzinga to Toussaint L'Ouverture, Dessalines, Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, Jr., Lumumba, Steve Biko, etc.!

There is no humanitarian intervention under imperialism.

There has never been a humanitarian intervention under imperialism.

They have just assassinated Gaddafi in the name of saving African people in Libya.

Humanitarian intervention is simply a term which intends to mask imperialism’s real intent, which is to maintain colonial control over our land and people.

The West intends to solve their crisis at the expense of our existence and future.

We have always fought the notion of an imperialist “right” to impose colonial occupation!


Self-determination for all peoples of the Middle East!

Imperialism out of Africa and the Middle East!

Build an International under the leadership of the colonized workers!


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