Houston’s successful 2nd Annual African Martyrs Day and 50th anniversary commemoration of the assassination of Malcolm X

HOUSTON— The 2nd Annual Houston African Martyrs’ Day and the 50th anniversary commemoration of the assassination of Malcolm X were celebrated February 21, 2015, on legendary Dowling St. at Dupree Park, a block from where People’s Party 2 Chairman Carl Hampton was assassinated in April, 1970.
Indefatigable organizer, Omowale Kefing set the tone of the day by expounding on the significance of the occasion and our struggle for “real Black Power in our hands.”
He went on to describe our position as being “a people that stand for justice and we want to see a world where there is no exploitation and oppression.”
Despite the scattered showers throughout the day, about 200 people braved the rain to attend.
The agenda included community activists such as Mother Dember and Bunchy Crear of the Houston alumni of the Black Panther Party and empowerment speakers such as Nyar Zulu and Ali York.
Jonelle, the soulful violinist strummed tunes as Mother Aja Zola performed a rhythm and flow dance routine.
The International Day of the African Martyr was first initiated by Chairman Omali Yeshitela and the Uhuru Movement in 1981 in Oakland, California and the day is commemorated on the assassination date of a man with an impeccable character who made it plain for us to understand—African patriot and martyr, Malcolm X.
African Martyrs’ Day is recognized as a day to honor those we have lost in the struggle for black freedom and total liberation from colonialism all over the world.
Now, this momentous day honoring our freedom fighters is commemorated throughout the U.S., the continent of Africa, the Caribbean, Canada, the United Kingdom, Sweden, and France.

Those who have died in the struggle
Slain by the sword of colonialism are countless freedom fighters such as organizer and People’s Party 2 leader, Carl Hampton of Houston who while on Dowling St. was shot by a sniper’s bullet.
African Martyrs’ Day honors freedom fighters and revolutionaries such as Malcolm X (Harlem), Steve Biko (occupied Azania), Fred Hampton (Chicago), Dr. King (Memphis) and Patrice Luumba (Congo).
In addition to honoring our well-known historical martyrs, we are also recognizing some of the recent victims of the strong arm of colonialism (a.k.a cops) such as Mike Brown (Ferguson), Renisha McBride (Dearborn),Trayvon Martin (Sanford, FL), Ayana Stanley-Jones (Detroit), TyRon Lewis (St. Petersburg), Victor White (New Iberia, LA), Jordan Davis (Jacksonville), Edward Crawford (Beavercreek), and the only grandson of Malcolm X, Malcolm Shabazz (Mexico).
We want to thank the community, speakers, vendors and performers for supporting the Houston Branch APPDEP 2nd Annual Martyrs’ Day event.
We will continue to honor February 21st as “A day for those who have died in the struggle for black freedom!”
For our annual Juneteenth celebration, Chairman Yeshitela of the African People’s Socialist Party is scheduled as guest speaker and Archie Bell (Tighten Up) and Idigenous (Reggae) will head up the celebration scheduled for Saturday, June 20, 2015, so join us in the AAPDEP 5th Ward Community Garden.
Like our Houston AAPDEP Facebook page and check back soon to sign up for Yoga & meditation in the Garden, breathing classes, senior stretch sessions, arts & crafts, and smart phone know how 4 seniors. All classes are held in the garden.
We also deliver vegetables to seniors. Call now to add your name to the list and to be informed of all our upcoming events.
For more information, contact: 214-707-7309, email houston@developmentforafrica.org and find Houston AAPDEP on Facebook.
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Houston BBP Alumni

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Indigenous Brown Berets

http://uhurunews.com/imagecache/content/news/stories/2015-03/photo5-houston-amd-2015/20150221_152234_jpg-CONVERT-resize=600.jpg style=”width:350px;” />

Bunchy Crear, former Panther and People’s Party 2 member


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