Haitian lynched in the Dominican Republic

This week we hear of another barbaric act by certain criminals in the DR against a Haitian. As Ezili Danto’s Haitian Lawyers Leadership Network (HLLN) constantly points out, according to official statistics, Haitians are the least violent people in the Caribbean.

Nations such as the colonized Dominican Republic (DR) have four times more violence, larger militarized forces, more foreigners owning DR property and lots of pedophile tourists and prostitution.

In fact, the US colonization of the DR, effectively since the failed 1963 Independence struggle, has rendered Dominican women to be the fourth most trafficked prostitutes in the world.

But such island nations have available much more consumer goods, technological access, wage jobs and infrastructure to service the ‘Corporatocracy’ and make comfortable rich white tourists than Haiti. That is what’s considered good European development.

On Wednesday February 10, 2015, in this paradise of European development, a young Haitian man, named Claude Jean Harry, nicknamed “Tulile,” who was a humble shoe shine worker, was found hanging in Santiago Park. His hand and foot were tied together.

The US-installed Michel Martelly dictatorship and its controlled opposition remain silent about this atrocity. The activist-for-hire human rights industry, like Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, the big NGOs and the UN, along with the former slave holding nations and Canada have also remained relatively silent about the treatment of Haitians in the Dominican Republic.

They ignored, last month, when a Dominican naval ship entered Haiti waters and arrested Haiti fishermen fishing in their own waters.

They’ve mostly ignored and imposed no sanctions on the DR for its continued denial of civil rights to up to 220,000 Dominicans of Haitian descent whose citizenship were summarily revoked, retroactively to 1929.

The revoking of civil and human rights of Haitians in the DR, essentially emboldens such acts as the one that took Tulile’s life.

Tulile’s lynching is the latest in reported anti-Haiti violence, in a long list of atrocities including yearly beheadings of Haitians, that remain under-reported by the corporate media and embolden by the post-World War II UNSC-powers who sent the UN to ethnic cleanse Haiti since 2004 to present. Haitians living in the Dominican Republic are facing a barbarism not seen since the days of outright slavery.

Please, join Ezili’s HLLN/Free Haiti Movement in denouncing these barbaric acts by insane criminals embolden by the State making racism legal, and lifting up those Dominicans working to stop the deep-seated hatred of the African blood running in most of their people’s veins.

It’s criminal enough to kill an unarmed man in cold blood. But collectively traumatic, is the message sent by the racist psychopaths who committed this heinous crime by hanging the Black man from a tree.

His hand and foot tied in the manner of the old enslaving conquistadors and Spanish inquisitors, whose Catholic order, the Dominicans, only knew how to torture, rape and kill those who would not submit to slavery or held different religious views.

There are no words to describe how criminally insane this act is. We express heartfelt condolences to this poor man’s family and friends.

Tulile, a humble shoe shiner who did not deserve to die, much less in this provoking manner.

We wish steel courage to all Haitians and Dominicans who have to face this sort of mindless Nazism and white supremacist mindset in the Dominican Republic.

I am reading so much DR hatred in comments in articles at Noticiassin.com, Dominican Today and elsewhere on this lynching, mostly blaming the victim for being in the DR trying to find work.

This is extra sad. Especially coming from a country where most of its population, like Haiti, must migrate to the US and elsewhere to find better lives as their own society provides little routes for advancement.

But alas, the DR is a country that still celebrates the enslavers not the liberators, that names itself after a Dominican order known for the inquisition torture that celebrated the pedophile/rapist/murderer Christopher Columbus.

Deep in the DR power elites’ psyche, they cannot forget the North African conquest of Spain for 800 years, nor the Haitians beating the Spanish to abolish slavery all over the island in 1804.

So Haiti peoples, more than 200 years later, pay the interminable price for liberating the enslaved. The French tried to return Haiti to slavery and settled for the Independence Debt and ecclesiastical colonialism.

Opportunists on the Spanish side used the dissatisfaction with paying the Independence Debt (and the last cataclysmic earthquake in Haiti) to successfully invite the enslaver Spain back on the island.

It’s been hell for liberated Haiti ever since. And no, we Haitians DO NOT wish to unite with such mindsets. Rest assured, this is the global elites destabilizing with chaos and fear. Don’t fall for this, Dominicans.

All that (right thinking) Haitians want, is for the former slaveholding nations and their mentally colonized Blacks to leave us in peace.

Go home USAID, close the dictatorship/coup d’etat-making US embassy in Haiti, kick out the poverty pimping NGOs masturbating on Black pain and imported crisis.

Let Haiti use its enormous natural resources – gold, oil, lands – to feed its own people without the wealthy nations stealing and containing Haiti in poverty.

Haiti wants an end to the US occupation of Haiti outsourced to UN mercenary guns. Let Haiti live.

Then there would be no immigration elsewhere, especially not to the DR. Rest now Tulile.
We ask people of conscience to boycott the DR for their systemic racism – the denationalization of nearly 220,000 Dominicans of Haitian descent.

We ask Dominicans of conscience to teach their compatriots real history – how the Africans liberated the entire Island from Spanish and French rule.

Many hands make light a heavy load. Two exploited peoples must find a center of truth that refuses the projection of all Dominican misery upon the defenseless Haitians, already the object of great exploitation and imperial tyranny.

The 70,000 in the Dominican army protect foreign interests, not authentic local DR development.

Dominicans must take their country back, instead of scapegoating struggling Haitians for their own inability to live decent lives without having to sneak to Puerto Rico and claim they’re Puerto Ricans in order to immigrate to the US as US citizens and have a future. Haiti is NOT the enemy.

Tulile, was shinning shoes. He did not take a job coveted by anyone. Stop the projection.

The DR population would do well to educate itself beyond the world oligarchs’ propaganda about the civility of whiteness before they find themselves occupied by not only the foreign-established Dominican army but an outsourced US occupation behind UN mercenary guns.

On February 10, 2015, Claude “Tulile” Jean Harry, was found hanging in the public square at Santiago Park, in the Dominican Republic.

His unidentified assailants remain at large. But the racist mob mentality in the DR has gleefully celebrated the hanging from a tree of this Haitian man.

Later on that day, certain Dominicans took to burning the Haiti flag and there are reports of another Haitian man, killed in the racist frenzy by a policeman.

This atrocious crime saddens both Haitian and Dominicans who knew Tulile.

The bestial action shocks the already heavily victimized Haiti community both in the Dominican Republic, in Haiti and abroad. Details are still coming in.

But, it’s beyond sad this human was killed this way. It’s criminally insane that his death is celebrated and that no public official has yet stepped up to denounce the strings of atrocities.

The silence of the Haitian so-called leaders, the international community and Dominican-American elected leaders in the United States is unacceptable in the face of the state sanctioned violence and oppression directed at Dominicans of Haitian descent and Haitian migrants.

The structural deprivations, racial injustices and the daily humiliations that result from policies motivated by the belief that the immigrant’s life is of no value are intolerable.

Anti-Haitian racism in the Dominican Republic flourishes in the face of the world’s silence.

Elected officials, human rights organization and all people of conscience should demand justice for Tulile and state protection for the lives of Haitians and Haitian- Dominicans in the DR.  Black Lives Matter.


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