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ezili danto


Haitian lynched in the Dominican Republic

Let Haiti use its enormous natural resources - gold, oil, lands - to feed its own people without the wealthy nations stealing and containing Haiti in poverty.

Ezili Danto’s analysis of the current colonial narrative on the Mandela legacy

Now that Madiba is dead: Remember to remember that icons created by oppressors will never liberate the people. Madiba is dead: Condolences to heroic mother Winnie.

Basic Haiti rights repealed under newly amended Haiti Constitution

  This story from ezilidanto.com (http://www.ezilidanto.com/zili/2012/08/basic-haiti-rights-repealed/#.UDgt6Vhg6nE.email)   Article 297 of the 1987 Constitution that reinstated the basic human rights of Haiti masses is REPEALED by the combined...

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