Haiti and Canada

The Big Three (The United States, France and their baby brother Canada) are using the Jan 12th earthquake to enforce the domination of the Haitian people.

The U.S. is the foremost imperialist nation in the world today. Its history is dripping with the blood of oppressed people all over the world. The U. S. has intervened militarily in Haiti 27 times before the occupation of 1915. In fact, George Washington the first president of the U.S. sent troops into Haiti in 1789 to suppress a slave rebellion led by (Dutty) Boukman.

Elombe Brath, the Chair of the Patrice Lumumba Coalition, pointed out years ago that the United States had intervened in other sovereign states 110 times before the Great October Socialist Revolution was established in 1917.

Haiti’s population is approximately nine million. India’s population is approximately one billion. Brace yourself. According to Luwezi Kinshasa, the Secretary General of the African Socialist International, Haiti has more non-governmental organizations (NGOs) than India.

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper was the first G20 leader to visit Haiti since the earthquake. Harper made a two-day visit to Haiti to get a first hand view and meet with Haitian president Rene Preval to discuss key needs for massive, long term reconstruction effort that lies ahead. French President Nicolas Sarkozy followed in hot pursuit.

Said Harper, “Haiti is a very high priority of our government. It is already our second highest development by the Canadian population”. El-Hajj Malik El–Shabazz (Malcolm X) talked about the so-called difference between the Democratic and Republican Parties in the 1964 U.S. presidential election. Malik opined, “One is the wolf, the other is a fox. No matter what; they both will eat you.” It is impossible to distinguish between Harper, President Sarkozy and President Barack Hussein Obama on this issue. On the issue of Haiti all three have behaved like canines.

The corporate press is chocked full of stories about how Canadians have been among the most generous in the world in making financial contributions to relief efforts. Canadians have pledged some $154 million to date. We must make clear distinction between the Canadian people and the Canadian government. It must be remembered that Canada produced Doctor Norman Bethune, one of the highest personifications of selflessness from the working people.

We should be mindful that Canada also produced Harper who has played a retrograde role on the issue of Haiti.

Also, Canada will spend up to $12 million to build a temporary home for the Haitian government, from a $555-million, five-year pledge to Haiti made in 2006.Most government buildings in the capital collapsed during the devastating earthquake.

Harper and U.S. Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton held a press conference on Jan. 25th after meeting with others in Montréal.

Harper had the following to say, “Let me be clear about why we appreciate this.  As your closest neighbors and friends, we understand not simply the scale of American involvement in Haiti and in these kinds of circumstances, but we understand what drives them, although it’s not simply American power and capability, but the fundamental generosity of the American people, our great neighbors and friends.  We always take great heart from that and look forward to working together.”

Secretary of State Clinton salivated on herself and said, “Well, I appreciate greatly the very warm welcome, Prime Minister, but I also applaud you and your government for your leadership with respect to Haiti.  Canada has been a very generous donor to Haiti over many years, and once again Canada and the generous people of Canada are leading the way.

"This conference, which has been put together very quickly to bring together those who are already committed to Haiti to begin the process of planning the reconstruction along with our Haitian partners, is absolutely critical. “

I and millions of people  all over this  earth were shocked and sickened to see President Obama appoint former Presidents  William Jefferson Clinton and George W. Bush to come together to lead the nation’s humanitarian and relief efforts to Haiti. This is like opening up the chicken coop to the fox where they will have free reign. Being born in a rural area I know what always happens to the chickens in this situation.

African people and their allies must raise their collective voices and assure that the Haitian people determine their own destinies.

Norman (Otis) Richmond a.k.a. Jalali can be contacted at: Norman.o.richmond@gmail.com
Richmond’s radio show, Diasporic Music can be heard on Uhuru Radio every other Sunday on Uhuru Radio. Listen to Archives of the show at your convenience.


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