Greenville community holds old school party to save WMXP!

WMXP is a community radio station based in Greenville, South Carolina that broadcasts programming aimed at empowering the community including simulcasts of Uhuru Radio's broadcasts.We urge our supporters to also support WMXP in its struggle to save the radio station!

In 1991, the Malcolm X Center for Self Determination, a community capacity building action center, was founded in response to the brutal beating of Rodney King by Los Angeles police, a human rights violation that continues today across the U.S. Our mission is to honor the life and human rights challenge of Malcolm X. Given current worldwide and national struggles for change, passing on lessons of previous generations, and empowering a community, takes on even greater importance.

Our community based efforts include the operation of a volunteer staffed gift shop, a bookstore, and reading room. We sponsor human rights based Retreats for Building a Black Agenda, and the annual Malcolm X Festival and Kwanzaa Celebration. Critical to each of these initiatives is the WMXP-lp (low-power) community radio station.  It acts as a megaphone for community voices and a catalyst for building a knowledge-base for community action and empowerment. Integral to these efforts is programming around:

•        African American/Black Studies and cultural literacy
•        Community dialogue and action on topics of concern and human rights
•        Mass Incarceration, release, return of imprisoned Upstate men and women

Currently the Malcolm X Center is engaged in an emergency campaign to raise $25,000.00 to relocate WMXP’s tower, a lifeline;  Your tax-deductible contribution will help us to re-locate the tower at a new FCC approved site.  With funds already raised, we have been able to dismantle the previous tower and obtain zoning waivers for the new site.  What remains is hiring a “South Carolina licensed Professional Engineer” to prepare the City of Greenville’s building permit application, including soil boring tests.  Once our permit is issued, the contractor, electrician, and fencing company must be hired for reconstruction.  Our FCC deadline to be back on the air is May 20, 2012.

Prosperity  through self-determination is our credo.  We look to the community to help meet community needs and  realize our goals.  Your support is necessary to rebuild the tower and sustain our work within a community of tremendous need.  As we end our 21st year, we are entirely dependent on you.  We receive no grants. Your year-end contribution will give the Malcolm X Center the ability to sustain and expand its life saving work.  Many, many thanks!

Thank you in advance for standing shoulder to shoulder with the Malcolm X Center for Self Determination and the struggle to give voice to the voiceless. We can only raise the  $25,000.00 needed to rebuild WMXP’s tower with your assistance.  Please, use your list serve, facebook, twitter, social media to help us get the word out to others for this noble and worthy cause.

Spread the Word! COME!  Bring Fam & Friends!

2011 7:0011:00 pm BENJAMIN BANNEKER LODGE 424 Bernie Street
Greenville, SC 29611 DIRECTIONS ONLY: 864-232-2326

JOIN the WMXP Drive to THRIVE! WMXP-lp / 95.5fm
“The Voice of the People, Reclaiming the Drum”
Hors d’oeuvres & a Drink DONATION: $15.00
(On the side: A Cheer Basket Raffle, If you Dare! $5.00)
INFO: 864-242-3039 / 864-906-7716

321 W. Antrim Drive  P.O.Box 16102  Greenville, SC 29607


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