Free Ta’Von Grayson

Ta’Von Grayson must be set free!
What happens inside the courtroom is determined by what happens outside the courtroom!

Mobilize for Court hearing on Tuesday, October 21, 2014!

Free and defend TavonTavon Grayson!


On Thursday, October 16, 2014 the Free and Defend Tavon Grayson committee will be joined by organizers of the Black is Back Coalition to hold a demonstration in front of the Orlando police department (OPD) headquarters at 9am to  demand freedom for the 23 year old African who was ambushed and shot eight times by OPD forces on the night of July 19, 2014.

The demonstration at the police headquarters will take place before Tavon’s bond hearing, which will occur at the Orange County courthouse at 10am that same day.

Tavon should not be locked up

The official reason that the hearing is taking place is to allow for judge Robert Evans to decide whether or not there is sufficient legal basis to remove the hold on Tavon’s bond.

The hold is currently in place for two reasons:

1. Because he has been put in jail, the State claims Tavon has violated his probation.  This makes no sense, however, because he has not even been charged with anything subsequent to being shot, placed in handcuffs and placed in the jail. Therefore he has not violated his probation.

2. Judge Evans has cited the "anti-murder act" as grounds for holding Tavon in jail.  The "anti-murder act" states that should someone in jail facing trial be deemed by the State to be a threat to the safety of the general public there is legal basis to deny them bond.

Whose safety is Tavon a threat to?
The notion that Tavon after he has lost sight in his left eye, lost 60 pounds in less than three months of captivity in the Orange County jail, lost a chunk of his liver, his kidney and his large intestine, has collapsed lungs and is still healing from bullet wounds and surgery, can threaten anyone’s safety is absurd.?

Failed assassination, messy situation

On October 21 the FDTG committee will expose the political nature of Tavon’s arrest and expose the Orlando police department as the real criminal in this case. 

The police were trying to assassinate Tavon the night they ambushed him. But, they failed  and were left in a messy situation.

There is overwhelming evidence that the pigs were not in danger when they gunned Tavon down. There are bullet holes on three sides of the car and eyewitnesses saw police drag Tavon’s bullet riddled body out of his car and shoot him point blank, execution style. 

Furthermore, Tavon’s testimony in a court room would be a compelling argument in itself, as to why the police should be put on trial.

We must free and defend Tavon.

Demand for Tavon’s freedom is a defense of African democratic rights!

Tavon is a political prisoner and our demand for his release is based on the right for African people to be free from the intervention of white power in the lives of our people.

The police did not know Tavon when they attacked him. All they knew was that he was an African.

The weak ideological foundation the law rests on must be challenged to the core!

We have no regard or respect for the laws of our oppressor.  We have no regard or respect for their police.
Whether or not Tavon tried to run the police over is not the issue, for us.

In fact, given the way the police tried to kill Tavon he should have tried to run them over. Africans throughout the ghettoes of North America have the right to resist the police occupation of their communities – the way Africans are doing in Ferguson.

Killer cops must be arrested!

The Orlando police department, along with the court system is trying desperately to hide the fact that the police attempted to murder Tavon and it is now trying to conceal and destroy evidence by refusing the FDTG committee access to the police report and killing Tavon in the jail by denying him proper medical care in a safe environment with his family and community. 

There cannot be peace in Orlando when Africans catch hell in that same city every day, including it's tourist hubs.

The committee to Free and Defend Tavon Grayson is calling on all lovers of freedom and social justice to call into the office of judge Robert Evans and demand the  following: We demand the following:
1. Tavon’s immediate release. Call Judge Robert Evans of Orange County Court at 407-8362336 and demand Tavon's immediate release.
2. Reparations to Tavon and his family.

3. Jail the Shooter Cops! Call Orange County District Attorney at 407-836-2400 and demand that the five cops involved in the shooting of Tavon Grayson be immediately arrested and charged with attempted murder and official oppression.

4. African community control of police.

5. Release police report, camera footage and document of police procedure on brutality against Africans. We demand the police report! Call into the Orlando Police Department at 407-836-3400 and demand the report on the attempted murder of Tavon Grayson.

6. Reparations and economic development to African community.
On Monday, October 20 call the following numbers and demand Tavon’s release:
Robert Evans, Orange County Court – 407-836—2336
Orlando Police Department – 407-836-3400
Orange County District Attorney – 407-836-2400

The committee to Free and Defend Tavon Grayson will travel to Washington, D.C., on November 1-2,  to participate in the "Peace Through Revolution" march on the White House that is being organized by the Black is Back Coalition.

For more information about the march, or to register go to

For more information and to contribute to the defense efforts contact the free and defend Tavon committee at 727-821-6620.



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