Free all anti Szwartz Piet Demonstrators – End Colonial Santa Claus Parade

LONDON–The Black is Back Coalition for Social Justice, Peace and Reparations is outraged by the arrest by Dutch police, in Amsterdam, of peaceful African demonstrators opposed to the filthy colonial parade which objectifies Africans as servants of white people.
We are demanding the immediate release of all African demonstrators who opposed yesterday in Amsterdam , Holland, the Santa Claus parade, which is a  decadent anti African cultural event that is celebrated  every November.
Every year the theft of resources from black and other colonized people around the world is showcased in this Santa Claus parade.
So in civilized Holland and the Flemish part of Belgium, white people have fun enjoying the modern life built off the enslavement and colonization of Africans and other non-white peoples as their parade acts like Santa Claus brought them their wealth, while those who they stole from are poor and live in poverty.
White people dressed with fake locs, paint their faces black and their lips red.
The colonial tradition states that Saint Nicholas arrives on a ship from Spain, enters the city on a white horse surrounded by several hundreds of black servants (Black Piet) , who deliver gifts of candies, spices and other colonial goodies to good white children and put the bad ones into sacks before taking them to Spain.
All “Black Piets” in the parade are White people dressed with fake locs, faces painted black and lips red.
This is a grotesque attempt to explain the 600 years of colonial relationship between the oppressed African nation and the oppressor white nation, where Africans produce economic development and happiness for Europe, and pain, and economic misery for Africa and African people.
The parade attracts at least 300, 000 children, and it has been broadcast live on Dutch TV since November 1952. This is a land mark event in the City of Holland.
We are opposed to any kind of imperialist culture where white people from the white oppressor nation enjoy themselves at the expense of our right to be free and to be in control of our destiny.
We unite and salute these courageous sons and daughters of Africa who dared to resist this decadent, degrading, and barbaric culture of the oppressor white nation.
Protesters and the Black is Back Coalition are calling on all Africans to mobilize wherever we are to demonstrate against Dutch interests by demanding the immediate, unconditional release of all demonstrators.
Peace Through Revolution!
Touch one! Touch all
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