France’s long history of colonial violence can’t be hidden by Paris attacks

LONDON–On Friday, November 13, 2015, 130 people died and over 300 people were wounded during an attack in Paris.

Since then, the French government and ruling class, supported by the vast majority of the white people, have been swift in putting in place a comprehensive counter insurgency program to defeat “terrorism”.

Most of the suspected attackers are dead. They have either been killed by the French swat team or blew themselves up.

These attacks happened almost simultaneous in six different locations across the 10th and 11th districts of Paris, of which the highest point was at the Bataclan concert hall where thousands gathered to see a U.S. rock band. At least 89 were killed there.

Before anyone claimed responsibility for these killings, Francois Hollande, the French president stated,“This crucible moment, we know from where it comes, who are these criminals, who are these terrorists”.

On the evening of the attacks, Hollande appeared on national TV where he announced two major decisions: the imposition of a state of emergency on the entire French territory and the closing of its borders.

These two measures, demanded by the entire French ruling class––both liberal and nationalist sectors––and the vast majority of white population, are aimed essentially at colonized peoples.

On the following Saturday, during Hollande’s address to French defence council, which was televised to French people, he read:

“What occurred yesterday in Paris and in Saint-Denis close to “Stade de France”is an act of war and in face of this war, the country must make the appropriate decisions.

“It is an act of war which was made by Daech, a terrorist army, a jihadist army, against France, against the values which we defend everywhere in the world, against what we are: a free country which speaks to all people on the planet. It is an act of war which was prepared, organized, planned outside, and internal Barbary…because France was cowardly, shamefully, and violently attacked loosely, France will be pitiless with regard to the barbarians of Daech.”

Now that fear of and psychosis of imminent terror attacks has been spread throughout France, the state is restlessly doing what they always wanted to do, which is to kick Muslims’ doors in with no legal restrictions.

According to Le Figaro on November 26th,“The French state has carried out 1616 raids, 290 have been under the house of arrest, and 266 fire arms have been recovered.” 

We do not know how many have been captured and detained by French state.

Why is it that after over 500 years of imperialism, French rulers are only just discovering that France is at war against colonized peoples?

The French media on November 14th, one day after the attack, was already up with sensational headlines “Paris in the midst of war (Le Figaro),

“This time it is war”(Le Parisien) and “Terror in àParis”(Le monde).
Francois Hollande led the lie that France is a victim of wars by barbarians.

The truth is that it was France which stole land and committed genocide as they invaded the Americas: Haiti (1639), Louisiana, (1682), Canada (1604), Martinique (1625), Guadeloupe (1625) and Guyana (1626).

It is the French who stole New Caledonia (1864) and other black people’s islands in the Pacific Ocean. In addition, France had colonies in Asia where they looted Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos.

Furthermore, France fought in every possible way to destroy the Haitian Revolution, victorious against French slavery in 1804.

In 1825, France, backed by all European colonial countries, imposed a colonial tax on Haiti of 150 million gold francs as "compensation" for its slavery revenue losses. This is an equivalent of about $22 billion today. Haiti paid this money to France every year until 1947.

It was also France which occupied Algeria between 1830 and 1962, before repressing the Algerian Independence Movement by killing 1 million Algerians between 1955 and 1962.

French president Jacques Chirac, in order to control Congo Brazzaville’s oil, armed Denis Sassou Nguesso, a Negro general to drive Pascal Lissouba out of power.

This resulted in thousands of people being killed between June 1997 and December 1999.

In April of 2011, The French government bombed the Ivory Coast Presidential palace in order to overthrow Laurent Gbagbo under the pretext that he did not win the elections.

In that same year, France led the bombing of Libya which killed over 50,000 people. They also overthrew Gaddafi’s government before murdering him in unimaginable way.

In January 2013, under the name “Operation Serval”, French government launched a colonial attack on Mali’s resources.

The presence of France and its western allies are concealed as part of the war against “terrorism”.

In order to protect France’s interests against the Chinese in Africa, in 2013, Francois Hollande­­––in collaboration with Idriss Debby from Chad––created the current war in the Central Africa Republic.

They created the war by arming Seleka, a group made up essentially of African Muslims in the Northern part of the country, to overthrow Bozizé’s neocolonial government, which was itself put in power there by the same French government.

France’s troops are now alongside the UN de facto, the occupying forces in the Central Africa Republic. The conflict is being disguised as a conflict between Christians and Muslims.

It is worth reminding our readers of France’s colonial political crimes against Africa. It was a French agent posing as a journalist that assassinated Felix Moumiéin 1961, Leader of the anti-colonial movement in Cameroon.

Mehdi Ben Barka, anti-colonial leader from Morocco, was kidnapped in the middle of Paris in 1966. He was never found again. Thomas Sankara was also assassinated in October 1987 by French puppets of the African petty bourgeoisie led by Blaise Compaoré, in 1992.

One cannot understand France’s financial war of domination in Africa without looking at the colonial pact between France and the African petty bourgeoisie.

One concrete example of this colonial pact is the control and devaluation of the CFA franc by the French government.

The CFA franc is the currency in use in 14 African countries. It was devalued by the French government by 100 percent overnight in January 1993 with complete disregard and contempt for Africa and African lives.

Millions of lives were lost and traumatized and countless businesses were destroyed. For those that survived, it was a slow and painful death, truly a crime against humanity.

There are numerous French military bases throughout Africa, whose main purpose is to protect French interests at the expense of Our Africa and our people.

France is at war yes, it has been at war with colonized peoples in Middle East, Africa, Asia and in the Americas for hundreds years.

Our role is to stop all of France’s colonial wars everywhere: in the Middle East, Africa, etc. France is not innocent.

We can’t stop France’s colonial wars without stopping U.S. colonial wars. U.S. imperialist agenda is clear: to use wars to dominate the world, this includes a real possibility of direct wars on Russia and China too.

Stop all imperialist wars!

Join the Black is Back Coalition for Social Justice and Reparations!


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