Emergency phone campaign; hands off MOVE’S Chuck Africa


The following is a press release sent to Uhuru News for immediate publication. Uhuru News calls on all our readers to support this MOVE initiated campaign to ensure the safety of Chuck Africa, one of many of the MOVE Africa family who have been unjustly imprisoned by U.S. authorities for over 25 years. Free Mumia Abu Jamal! Free Chuck Africa and all MOVE Africa family!

I'm sending this email out to inform you of a very serious situation happening with our brother Chuck Africa. This falls on the heels of us exposing Philadelphia Inquirer columnist, Monica Yant Kinney, and all of the information we were able to put out during media interviews marking twenty-five years since the bombing.

Also, we just got a June 21 hearing date on the murder complaints we filed against officials for murdering our family in 1985. This government is now targeting Chuck and the signs are very clear.

First, Chuck was recently transferred from SCI-Graterford, where he was with our brother Mike Africa, to SCI-Retreat, a PA prison where there is no other MOVE person.

Officials at SCI-Retreat put Chuck in the hole and we just received a letter from him that he was attacked by an inmate. That's how this system operates when they target somebody.

They isolate you and then do all manner of things to put pressure on you and ultimately arrange to take you out if nothing else breaks you. They tried to do it with Indigenous activist, Leonard Peltier, but Standing Deer, the person who was supposed to assassinate Leonard, couldn't do it and he exposed the conspiracy.

Chuck and all of the MOVE 9 are soon coming up for parole and we know this system does not want any of the MOVE 9 out here on the street, but this goes beyond parole, Chuck's life is at stake here.

We know that these people are capable of doing anything to avoid releasing innocent MOVE people from prison and we put nothing past them.

We're asking people to contact SCI-Retreat (570 735-8754) and speak to Superintendent James McGrady about this situation. Chuck says that a key player in this set up is a guard named Lt. Dukes, so his name should be mentioned. Chuck's full name and number is Charles Sims Africa #AM4975.

We know we don't have to tell you to expect officials to feign ignorance of any problem and probably deny everything, but don't fall for it. Something serious is happening with Chuck and we're not taking it lightly at all.

Thanks for your support.

Ramona Africa for the MOVE Organization


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