El Cajon police murder African man Alfred Olango; the African community fights back!

El Cajon, CA––Alfred Olango, a 38-year-old African was shot multiple times and killed by El Cajon police on Tuesday, September 27, 2016.

Alfred’s sister, Sarah, said that she called the police because her brother needed help. She said he had recently lost his best friend and he was wandering into traffic.

The pigs shot and killed Alfred less than one minute after arriving. Witnesses heard the pigs shoot at least five times.

Alfred and his sister, Sarah, were from Uganda, Africa.

Moments after the cops shot Alfred, Sarah wandered around in shock, weeping. She could be heard saying over and over, “I just called for help, and you came and killed him. I told you guys he’s sick. You guys came and killed my brother.”

Sarah also said, “Don’t you guys have a crisis communication team to talk to somebody mentally sick?” she asked an officer. “Why couldn’t you tase him? Why, why, why, why?”

An ambulance didn’t arrive on the scene until 10 minutes after Alfred was shot. During that entire time, Sarah was not allowed near her brother and walked in circles, alone, visibly shaken, and in shock.

Not once did the pigs help Sarah or comfort her. They callously walked around her as if she didn’t exist as she cried. At one point one of the pigs told Sarah to move back so that he could put up yellow police tape in front of her.

At another point a female pig approached Sarah as she was wailing. The cop demanded to know what was Alfred’s name, his date of birth, and if he was allergic to any medications. Being that Sarah was in shock, she obviously couldn’t respond properly much less think clearly. The female cop became insistent, asking “Do you want to help your brother?”

Sarah shot back, “You killed him already. Why do you need to know what medicine he takes?”

An African woman recording the incident stepped in, advising the cop that Sarah was obviously in shock and couldn’t possibly think clearly. Sobbing, Sarah then gave the African woman the medical information about her brother.

There were witnesses inside of a restaurant next to where the shooting happened that recorded the incident on their phone. Police came into the restaurant and forced the customers that recorded to hand over their phones. Police then refused to release the videos until they had been “reviewed.” They did release one still from one of the videos which they say show Alfred pointing a vape at them. A vape is similar to a cigar.

According to the lying cops, the vape is what caused them to murder Alfred.

Obviously the cops are lying as they always do.

The community fights back!

Within minutes of the cops murdering Alfred, the community was on the scene shouting at the cops. They called the pigs murderers.

From the moment the pigs murdered Alfred, the people of El Cajon remained in the streets fighting the pigs.

Comrade Jah Sun Kine, a member of the International People’s Democratic Uhuru Movement has been in El Cajon during the entire time with the community. He reported:

We live in a military complex San Diego.

There were police, sheriffs, highway patrol from all over San Diego out there to contain the people.

There were revolutionaries out there ready to go heads up with the police.

San Diego is in a strategic place in the world––the Pacific Coast––they are funding the military occupation in San Diego like crazy.

But the community knows the terrain. When the police blocked the people in, the people cut through alleys.

People were run over by cars. People threw beer bottles and water bottles at the pigs.

There were peaceful protestors and there were people turning up at every chance.

People ran through stores taking what they wanted.

People staged sit-ins. The prayer warriors prayed for the people.

An agent of the State was stomped out.

El Cajon will not rest!

The State continues to oppress and murder Africans worldwide

Everywhere in the entire world, Africans are catching hell as we are murdered by the State. Everywhere in the world, Africans are colonized and oppressed.

This is no accident. Imperialism depends on the oppression of Africans in order to survive.

This is why the entire continent of Africa, the richest mass of land on the face of this Earth, has been looted by white power for over 600 years.

The only way for white power to live is through a parasitic relationship with the African community. White power feeds off of the African people’s resources, ideas, culture, etc. Every single thing that African people have is leeched on by white power.

Chairman of the African People’s Socialist Party, Omali Yeshitela, writes in his book “An Uneasy Equilibrium”:

“Parasitic capitalism is the real issue. It is this reality that ultimately distinguishes African Internationalist socialism from the struggle for “white rights” that usually characterizes most movements of Europeans worldwide. It is the difference in socialism resulting from overturning the pedestal upon which all capitalist activity occurs and some variation of the national socialism achieved by the infamous Nazis of Germany.”

Parasitic capitalism must be destroyed! And the only way to destroy it is through revolution. Revolution requires people to fight back against the oppressor and take power into their own hands.

This is what the Africans in El Cajon did, just as the Africans in Charlotte, Baltimore, Ferguson, and other locations all over the world.

The African People’s Socialist Party (APSP) has science and strategy to organize African people for victory! We have been organizing Africans across the globe for over 40 years.

Join the APSP! Go to www.joinapsp.org

Fists Up! Fight Back!

Rest in power Alfred Olango!

We stand with Africans and oppressed people in El Cajon!


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