Dreams Sold Separately

Cabral Culture corner

Dreams just like dreamers come a dime a dozen
Whether or not you accomplish something is the sum total of self sacrifice
your stomach for hustling to get it and your ability to accept change
like boarding in LaGuardia touching down in Heathrow
coppin’ a rental at Europecar and pulling out in the left lane
Been there
Same ride different side god
My street vision’s clearer than your preacher’s religion
I’m sure you’ve heard the sky is the limit
I used to agree
Now I’m like why the sky gotta be the limit to what you and can achieve
Born and raised in Tampa
It’s first full-time poet
Invested my heart in a shark infested ocean
where low barriers of entry and unbridled profits breed ruinous competition
and imposters who encourage the unsuspecting to come through
and get in free
But, you’ll never see me for nothing
Got too much respect for the hustlers who came before me
Death before dishonor
Blood and sweat before glory
If beauty is in the eye of the beholder so is the beast
What looks like hard work to you
simply looks like what I gotta do to eat to me
Can’t keep refusing to do the planting and harvesting
then blame white folks for staving us
Can’t keep calling ourselves “African American”
celebrating white folk for robbin’ us of our identity and our history
then expect them to acknowledge us
Africa is callin’ us
to stand tall as the Baobab tree
to protect and defend our unalienable right to be free
Free to walk around with hoodies on
Free to turn our music up
Free to Lovell Mixon these punk ass police
who keep gettin’ away with shootin’ us
Loosen up
I’m a dreamer
Jus’ wanna see us do some stuff
To be better people
to beat the toe tag sale on obesity, hypertension
extrajudicial killings, prison, diabetes and crack addiction
with the everyday low price of discipline
Remembering dream killers stay on sale for the low low
Quick to be on yo facebook page
talkin’ ‘bout what they don’t know
All up in yo face tellin’ you your dream’s a no go
Always in place to tell you they told you so
if ever you should fall short of your goals
Put them on the pay me no mind list
Keep this in mind
If success was so easy to come by
it wouldn’t be so finger licking good
Anyone who’s savored it
will tell you they learned to make the delicate flavors of pain and persistence
their favorite first
Do the work your life is worth
Opportunities come steadily
Experiences invariably
Failures are included but
Dreams sold separately


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