DeMarcus Brown beaten bloody by Texas police at Walmart

Beaumont, TX––Another African was stopped, harassed, and beaten by the police, this time for allegedly shoplifting.

DeMarcus Brown and his father, Greg Brown, were shopping at a local Walmart on Tuesday, April 5, 2016 when he was accosted by police.

Police told Greg that his son was stopped for shoplifting and that he failed to identify himself and attempted to evade officers during questioning.

Greg was later informed that his son was not charged with shoplifting; a crime that would have violated his son’s probation.

How supposed petty shoplifting warranted his son being brutally beaten to a bloody pulp, he does not know.

Greg told a local news station that he called the police department to make sure his son was alive because he was not sure if DeMarcus survived the beating.

The violence escalated “to the point where they beat him with a flashlight and that’s how his eye socket was fractured,” Greg said. 

Pictures from the scene show DeMarcus Brown’s face bloodied and his body laying in a pool of blood.

The State always blames Africans to justify genocide

The police are the State’s domestic soldiers who occupy working class African communities and who serve on the frontlines of the war against internally colonized Africans,

Whenever Africans are terrorized by the police the State justifies police terrorism by claiming that Africans are criminals or exhibit some other kind of deviant behavior.

The State produces this narrative in order to hide its dastardly ways, its true nature.

The fact remains that the State itself is utterly criminal, and has always been since its inception.

It is the greatest purveyor of violence in human history!

Chairman Omali Yeshitela posits that the police only became necessary in human society when it split into the haves and the have-nots—the colonizers and the colonized, the exploiters and the exploited.

The police function to keep the oppressed in a permanent position of captivity, so they never rise up and take back all that has been stolen from them over the last five centuries. 

When 17-year-old Trayvon Martin and 18-year-old Michael Brown were murdered in 2012 and 2014, the State—using its media, the popular press—pushed a “he was no angel” storyline about each teen out to the masses.

On March 31, 2016, Dominique Battle, 16, and Laniya Miller and Ashaunti Butler, both 15, were illegally chased and pushed into a pond and drowned by Pinellas County, sheriff’s deputies.

The Pinellas County Sheriff’s Department soon after released mug shot photos of the young girls, attempting to paint them as criminals deserving of their fate.

When 15-year-old Jorevis Scruggs was shot and killed by St. Louis police on April 19, 2016, local news outlets rushed to disclose that he attended an alternative school for kids with behavior issues who are on the verge of school expulsion.

Africans must control the narrative!

These cases and so many more, known and unknown, underscore the importance of independent, African-controlled media that reflects the experiences of the African working class and its violent relationship with the State.

The colonial media, like the police, are an arm of the State. 

We cannot expect mainstream media outlets to cover and accurately report on the violence committed against Africans in the U.S.

This has been the case forever.

Celebrated African journalist and activist Ida B. Wells conducted her own independent journalism during the early 1900s covering the pervasive lynching of Africans across the United States.

Her journalism countered the false colonial narrative that Africans were being lynched because they committed crimes.

Former Black Panther and independent journalist Mumia Abu-Jamal remains a political prisoner to this very day because he exposed police terrorism against Africans and city corruption in Philadelphia through his reporting in the 1970s.

He also wrote positively about Philadelphia’s MOVE’s organization, who the city tried to exterminate by imprisoning its members and bombing their home 31 years ago on May 13, 1985.

His work went against the State’s concocted lies about MOVE and other Africans terrorized by the police, city officials, and other agents.

The Burning Spear, the oldest African revolutionary newspaper in the world,, and Uhuru Radio serve as working class African-owned revolutionary media outlets charged with giving a voice to the African working class across the world.

It is our duty at The Burning Spear to expose the State and all its violence against African people.

We Control the Narrative!

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