Day 22: The training of African Revolutionaries at Party Intensive in St Petersburg, Florida

We started at 7 am with our morning workout.

At 9:30 am everyone reported to Akwaaba Hall for the flag raising.

Comrade Chimurenga gave us a short presentation about outreach and SELLS process.

After this presentation, comrade John Thomas gave a workshop about "Revolutionary Health & Fitness".

John let us know about how poisonous our everyday food is.

He made it clear that its not just fast food, but also vegetables like spinach and other "natural foods" that they poison in order to make a profit.

This parasitic capitalism takes everything good from us. Nothing escapes from them and if we don't keep informed they will kill us!

When I mean nothing escape from them it include animals such as cows, pigs (not cops), I mean the real pigs.

We watched a video about how the meat industry injects artificial hormones and other chemicals into cows so that they can produce more milk.

This process makes the animals sick and we use the meat and milk of the sick animals to feed our families.

We learned the importance washing fruits and vegetables well before we consume them. Just rinsing under the water is not good enough!

Organic food is very important even if is expensive.

This parasitic system takes everything from us and tries to fool us by selling us expensive organic food, when it should be the most affordable food.

This presentation was eye-opening to know that even vegetarians are not safe!

Many vegetarian/vegan products contains soya in the cheese, burgers, hot dogs which are not healthy at all. Some of these products contains a protein from the milk which is very dangerous.

Comrades, it is necessary we keep ourselves healthy if we want to fight for the revolution!

We can't let this parasitic system fool us with their monstrous food.

We have to kick them out by training and cleaning our body and mind!

Also don't forget that sugar and caffeine are included on the top list of dangerous foods that we consume every day.

This capitalist system uses every kind of arms to keep us under their control!

I suggest to all my comrades search more about FDA and MONSANTO!!

After this presentation we conducted community outreach after which we ended the day having a good hangout barbecue with some of our comrades!

Touch one Touch all! Uhuru!

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