Day 15: The training of African Revolutionaries at Party Intensive in St Petersburg, Florida

The day began with group fitness where everyone who either ran or walked to Campbell Park and  did exercises once there.
The exercise was rigorous and included tire flipping, ladder drills, lunges, push-ups, squats and jumping jacks.
All participants were very enthusiastic. Growth in strength and stamina was shown by all.
Later, we did door-to-door outreach. We shared our experiences and consulted each other to solve problems and examine different approaches in community outreach.
Comrades engaged the community and received an overwhelming appreciation from the community. Cadres were able to sell The Burning Spear newspapers and get more new contacts.
The community was introduced to Uhuru Movement programs like collective gardening and childcare collectives.
The comrades in training experienced a boost in morale for themselves and the people.
Training was a huge victory!
Onward to the liberation of Africa and African people!
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