Day 12: The training of African Revolutionaries at Party Intensive in St Petersburg, Florida

Day twelve of the Cadre Development School began with 6AM physical education. Most of the member of the Che Guevera Unit consisting of African Peoples Solidarity Committee members were together at the gym to do resistance training with Diop outside.

A member of the TyRon Lewis Gym joined the group in the workout, starting with a run or walk around the gym.

After the run the group run we were motivated by DIop to challenge ourselves in our exercises.

After series of sit-ups, plank-to-prone, burpees, and more we had a cool down run or walk around the gym. It was hot and humid, but by the end of the class we were energized to start the day.

The Cadre School raised the African flag at promptly 9AM with a flag detail, signaling the beginning of another powerful day under the leadership of the African Peoples Socialist Party.

Deputy Chair Ona Zene Yeshitela led the first workshop on the day about how to chair a meeting.

She presented not only by telling how conduct a meeting, but showing the cadres how to do it. DC Ona and Uhuru Designs, Charles Oliver, put together a short video on how to prepare for meeting.

It showed how work leading up to the meeting, such as the agenda and calling for details on reports, is just as important in the process to holding a successful meeting.

To further show the Cadres how to chair a meeting, DC Ona called for a live meeting to take place. The meeting consisted of leaders in the Office of the Deputy Chair over Economic Development and Finance.

After a delicious lunch donated by La V, a local Vietnamese restaurant, we began the second half of the day with Penny Hess, Chairwoman of the African People's Solidarity Committee, giving a presentation on how to give a presentation.

While it sounds simple, Penny gave specific tips and advice on how to effectively and confidently stand in front of an audience to present. Many members of the Cadre school added to the process in asking questions and bringing up historical instances of presentations.

Following the presentation, we stretched our legs and prepared our materials to do drops. The Che Guevera unit went into St.Petersburg neighborhood area near Crescent Lake and dropped the Africonomy piece.

After getting out nearly 300 pieces of literature, we returned to the Uhuru House to sum up and have dinner.

After dinner we had the opportunity to continue working on our Unit's leaflets. We reviewed our previous work and continue to hone in on the political line conveyed in the leaflet.

During this process Chairman Omali Yeshitela announced the Cadre school would be doing a demonstration in front of the Holocaust Museum in downtown St.Petersburg to protest Israels genocidal attacks on Palestinian People in Gaza.

The Cadre school swung in to action to put together an organized plan for the demonstration. A committee was formed to work on the plan and lay out the chants, banner, and signs.

Units still continued to work on the leaflet until the close of the day; and after the day closed out, some stayed to work on the signs for the demonstration.

We were continuing to hold up the work and schedule for the Intensive, but Cadres also effectively and immediately responded to the call to action and had the opportunity to get more training in the process.


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