Commemoration set for 45th Anniversary of Carl Hampton Assassination

Carl B. Hampton – Pleasantville’s Favorite Son!

HOUSTON–The life and sacrifices of Carl Bernard Hampton will be celebrated on July 25, 2015, at the Pleasantville Community Center on Houston’s East Side.

The Judson Robinson, Sr. Community Center is located at 1422 Ledwicke St., Houston, Texas 77029. The event is from 4:00pm until 8:00pm.
Carl, who was born and raised in Pleasantville, was murdered by a Houston police department sniper whose job was to silence the 21-year-old, black revolutionary’s powerful voice for freedom.

Carl loved music and freedom. He did not just talk freedom, he also organized for freedom. The fruit of his organizing efforts was People’s Party II with headquarters in the 2800 block of Dowling Street in Third Ward.

People’s Party II was organized along the lines and philosophy of the Black Panther Party. They sold The Black Panther, the Party’s newspaper, and did everything with the discipline of the Panthers.

As a young leader, Carl led demonstrations against police violence and murder of black people in the streets of Houston.

The most notable campaign Carl led was one around the police murder of Bobby Joe Conner, who was beaten to death by police in neighboring Galena Park.

The commemoration event is being organized by the Black Panther Party Alumni. They are calling on the residents of Pleasantville and Houston to turn out and pay homage to a deserving leader of our community who will never be talked about in schools.

Carl was proud of his Pleasantville and Wheatley High School roots. He was a leader who fought and who paid the ultimate sacrifice – his life – in our struggle to be free from U.S. colonial control over our lives.

“You Can Kill a Revolutionary But You Can’t Kill the Revolution!” – Fred Hampton, Chicago Black Panther



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