Chairman Omali Yeshitela, Nathan Hare to talk on Harambee Radio










On Thursday, September 18th, Decade Of The Diaspora will greet pioneering elder psychologist Dr. Nathan Hare who will discuss the problem of ‘Domestic Violence’ in the Black Community!


 Tune in at 10pm Eastern time on the Harambee Radio and TV Network! To listen live, go to and click on the ‘listen live’ link.


The Ray Rice incident and similar incidents involving prominent Black professional athletes has brought the issue of domestic violence to the forefront of the public’s consciousness.


But where is the dialogue going? Is it going towards institutionalizing the support systems necessary to seriously combat and ultimately prevent the behavior and crisis?


Or is it going to be used as the basis for the continued criminalization of the Black community?


Why is domestic violence such a difficult issue to address in our community?


What must we do to address this issue ourselves? We will address these issues and more!


 Nathan Hare is a pioneering Black psychologist and author of the classic work Bringing The Black Boy To Manhood-The Passage…


 Decade Of The Diaspora will also greet veteran activist and theoretician Omali Yeshitela, chairman of the International People’s Democratic Uhuru Movement (INPDUM) who will discuss his recent sojourn to Ferguson, Missouri in the aftermath of the police killing of Michael Brown!


Last week, Decade looked back at the National Black Political Convention of 1972 in Gary, Indiana as a means to assess much needed critical responses to the crisis facing that community in the wake of this ugly police violence case!


 Chairman Yeshitela has been in the forefront on the issue of police brutality for decades!


INPDUM’s work was brought to forefront on this issue in 1996 when Tyron  Lewis was senselessly slain by St. Petersburg police officers for driving while Black and when their people’s town hall meeting was senselessly fired upon by St. Petersburg, Florida police!


The police attack on the town hall meeting triggered an urban insurrection which forced an embarrassing police retreat that many on all sides of the issue still do not talk about to this day!


Among our young, Yeshitela is best known for his speech that was sampled in Dead Prez’ Let’s Get Free! His Uhuru Movement is hosting a national convention in Newark this weekend!


 “We will have two brilliant unsung legends on tonight, and no one should miss it,” said Zayid Muhammad for Decade.


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