Chairman Omali Yeshitela Addresses the African Nation: The Democrats lost but the African People’s Socialist Party won!

ST. PETERSBURG, FL––African People’s Socialist Party (APSP USA) Chairman Omali Yeshitela held a livestreamed session to address the African nation in the morning following the U.S. election process on November 8th.

With Donald Trump emerging as winner against the highly poll-favored Hillary Clinton––all the polls said she was winning, though not by much––Chairman Omali left no stone unturned. Offering keen insights and on-target analysis in a blistering 1 hour and 50-minute elocution so full of fire he literally set the room ablaze with chants of “UHURU!”

Fresh off the Black Is Back Coalition’s successful November 5-6, 2016 National Black Political Agenda for Self-determination convention in Washington, D.C., the Chairman was in rare form.

Detailing how critical to the African nation a black agenda is in light of capitalism’s crisis and decline, Chairman Omali expressed how the meeting was, “initially scheduled just to be a briefing” but “subsequent to the outcome of the U.S. presidential election” it was in the best interest of the APSP and Uhuru Movement to, “speak to as many Africans and to as many supporters of the African revolution as possible.”

Going on to accurately point out that Trump’s election presents, “a bombshell of sorts to almost the entire bourgeoisie, to the entire ruling class, and to all the white left in this county. To an assortment of liberals. To many of the African people who refer to themselves as progressives.

“An African population in general has been made terrified initially by the prospects of the election of Donald Trump.

“And now that this has occurred because of the inadequacies and the defections of large sectors of what is supposed to be black leadership in this country many Africans feel that they don’t have any response that could be made.”

Many referred to Trump and Clinton as “twin evils.” They are two sides of the same imperialist coin no matter what the outcome of the election.

Citing an overall fear of an election of Donald Trump by many Africans, the Chairman forth-rightly spoke saying that the APSP, “is the only organization that anticipated this outcome and the only organization that said it really doesn’t make a difference if Trump or Clinton end up being selected the new U.S. president.”

During the dynamic unfolding of the Chairman’s discourse, he spoke of former Black Panther, the late Huey P. Newton’s bestowal of the Black Liberation Movement’s legacy unto the Uhuru Movement. Picking up that mantle Chairman Omali stressed how vital the Uhuru Movement is to, “completing the African revolutionary movement” despite what happened to the movement of the 60s and to the traditional undemocratic electoral process of this capitalist country.

He also touched on how the masses of people came out for Trump and Clinton’s Democratic party rival Bernie Sanders as watershed moments.

As Chairman Yeshitela so poignantly lamented, Trump’s colonialist campaign slogan, “Make America Great Again” was actually politically correct code speak for “Make America White Again.”

The Chairman makes it plain in his influential book, “An Uneasy Equilibrium: The African Revolution versus Parasitic Capitalism”:

“While things are bad in general within the U.S., the conditions for Africans can only be explained by our status as colonial subjects. This oppression continues just as starkly under the Obama regime as under any previous U.S. president.”

During his address the Chairman reiterated that, “Hillary Clinton offered us nothing, but only a continuation of what Obama did. And if you want more of that you’d have to be insane.”

Trump talks, Democratic Party walks

In a live post-election interview president-elect Donald Trump reiterated his plans to construct a wall between Texas and Mexico and to deport as many so-called illegal immigrants as possible.

“Trump didn’t do anything differently or promise anything different than the Democratic party. He just said it!” The Chairman observed. “Trump talks about building a wall while Obama has kicked out more Mexicans than any U.S. presidents in the past.”

Winding down a bristling analysis Chairman Omali went on to correctly point out Hillary Clinton’s penchant of being a, “pathological liar.” So much so that in defeat she cowered ashamedly in Democratic party headquarters, not even appearing to address her clamoring but disappointed throng.

The writing was on the wall––Donald Trump did the unimaginable.

Delaying the inevitable, Clinton didn’t give a concession speech until almost noon the following morning. Such is the contempt of the white ruling class to thumb their noses at even their blindsided backers and bamboozled constituents. This is not to mention to the Africans and working class whites who did vote for her.

In just days following the election the outgoing Barack Hussein Obama invited Trump to the White house.

Mass protests erupted around the country immediately following Trump’s win.

Cities from Florida, to New York, to California and Oregon have witnessed masses of  mostly-white protestors, protesting one parasitic capitalist in favor of another.  

Put revolution back on the agenda!

In summing up his dynamic address Chairman Omali put out a clarion call for the African Nation to converge on St. Pete, Florida this January 7-9, 2017 for the APSP Plenary, ‘Putting Revolution Back On The Agenda!”

The Chairman expressed that “Africans will be coming here from around the world” to “forward tactics and strategies to win our freedom.”

The Plenary will equip Africans to utilize the revolutionary tools to educate, empower and organize so that we seize the time upward and onward to liberation.

Entering 2017 with the impending inauguration of the demagogic parasitic capitalist Donald Trump, the APSP firmly addresses the plight and the revolutionary means by which Africans can take hold of power and organize the masses.

This in face of no matter who rules the U.S., Black is Back and here to stay!

In the closing words of Chairman Omali, “the Democrats lost but the African People’s Socialist Party won!”

Watch the full address below:

Chairman Omali Addresses the African Nation on U.S. election of Trump


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