Olympics place the contradictions of colonial capitalism on the world stage

The United States Track and Field Olympic Trials were held from June 18 to June 27 in Eugene, Oregon. The U.S. trials are the...

The road to revolution: Why I joined the African People’s Socialist Party

What is the Matrix? That is the question. It is colonialism. Why did I join the African People’s Socialist Party (APSP)? Because I wanted to...

“One Voice! Many Fists!”

The African National Women's Organization (ANWO) calls on African women, and our supporters to attend the 2021 Black Women’s Convention on July 10-11, 2021, which will...

Don’t lose Patience: Demand Arizona DCS return Patience McGhee!

Arizona Department of Child Safety (DCS) illegitimately removed five-year-old Patience McGhee from the home of her loving parents, Aniya Butler and Peter McGhee. This...

Sophia Cainion wins Marcus Garvey Youth Program’s annual essay contest

In February of this year, the All African People's Development & Empowerment Project (AAPDEP) organized its Second Annual Black History Month Essay Contest.The contest,...

Uhuru Kijiji Childcare Collective solves lack of childcare for African women

UKCC is designed to engage, organize, and empower the entire African community to reassume responsibility for creating a new society for ourselves, our families, our community and to fulfill our historic mission to be a free and independent self-governing people.

“Mass hysterectomies” on ICE detainees is business as usual under the colonial virus

“I had no answer as to why they had those procedures,” Wooten told MSNBC’s Chris Hayes.

“Gender-Based Violence” — another symptom of a broken society due to colonial-capitalist system

What the South African media has been referring to as "gender-based violence" is another symptom of a broken society as a result of colonialism and the rise of capitalism. We can’t solely blame the perpetrators of these crimes without examining the underlying issues or causes of these social ills that are inherent in colonial domination. 

There is no solution for African women separate from the struggle for land, freedom and self-determination

The lockdown imposed by the South African government on the people as a response to the global Coronavirus pandemic has proven to be worsening our colonial misery as the African working class, more specifically for us as women.