Long Live Nicola! InPDUM Salutes the Life and Legacy of Comrade Nicola

“Nicola was so dedicated. She’s going to live on through all of us, who knew her, who love her and were able to share memories with her. She transitioned as a dedicated mother and revolutionary on Saturday, April 4, 2020, fighting for our people & I'm sure she wouldn’t have wanted to transition any other way.”

Emancipation of African women means the destruction of capitalism

Colonialism and slavery is what has divided us. Fighting colonial domination is what will unite us.

The African Middle Class Attack Against Poor and Working Class African Women

The offensive slander and discussions are not happenstance, innocent entertainment or happening in a vacuum! Their programming serves an insidious purpose.

Oklahoma Students Targeted for Resisting Anti-African Headwrap Dress Code Policy

In February 2018, the students began wearing African-styled headwraps to express themselves culturally.

All Colonial Violence Affects African Women

Women and children suffer from all types of colonial violence, gender based violence being only one of them, a violence that emerges as a result of the system itself as the system promotes patriarchy.

Harriet Tubman and Sojourner Truth: Materialism versus Philosophical Idealism

While both women contributed to the historical legacy of African resistance in the United States in particular, the different strategies and political affiliations they chose would define a historical split in the politics of African women.

The fall of Omar Hassan al-Bachir

Omar Hassan al-Bashir was toppled after 30 years in power, following four months of demonstration that started in December last year, when the price of bread and fuel were sharply increased due to suppression of subsidies by his regime.

“NYPD Terrorizes African Mother, Ripping Her Child From Her Arms”

Brooklyn- New York. On December 11, 2018 , 23 year old African mother Jazmine Headley’s  one year old African son Damon Buckman III, was violently ripped from her arms by the NYPD at the Human Resources Administration office on Bergen Street.


African women workers in Ghana face challenges amid broader imperialist crisis

Talib Sankofa, a brother previously associated with the All African People’s Development and Empowerment Project’s (AAPDEP) Washington state tour to end infant and maternal mortality, recently sent me a report from Ghana, where he currently resides.