Wall Street must pay reparations to African people

As capitalism’s central institution, the stock markets in the U.S., Britain and Amsterdam are visibly entwined with the assault on African people. The financial trading...

NZO African styles – at home and abroad

The subject of furniture may not be exciting to everyone but, at your Uhuru Furniture & Collectibles stores, it’s about building an independent African economy!

Black Power Blueprint: We’re on a mission, we’re taking territory and we’re not turning back!

African owned businesses are seeing a future. African homeowners and tenants are refusing to be pushed out of the neighborhood.

Build the African Revolution in Leimert Park and South Central: The Marathon continues

Four blocks away from The Marathon Clothing store on Crenshaw Boulevard is what some have called “the New Black Harlem Renaissance.” 

Uhuru Planet Reparations Apparel is for white people in solidarity with Black Power

If you are a white person who agrees that “all white people owe reparations” to African people, then Uhuru Planet Reparations Apparel is the place for you to shop.

The evaporation of African neighborhoods in St. Pete

African businesses and homes are disappearing from our cities while the white ruling class flourishes.

Bourgeoisie cash is flowing in the coffers of Black Lives Matter

The intensity of the spontaneous African resistance across the U.S. in response to the police murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis impacted more than U.S. society. The whole world has enthusiastically expressed solidarity with Africans in the U.S. against police oppression.

Build Project Thuthukani—political and economic power to solve our own problems

Editor's Note: The Burning Spear newspaper online is publishing this economic development plan from the comrades of the African People’s Socialist Party in Azania (South Africa) led by Azania (South Africa) Party Chair Tafarie Mugeri. The Azania-based comrades are building Thuthukani, a project of the Party’s mass organization, the International People’s Democratic Uhuru Movement (InPDUM) in the townships where colonized and impoverished African workers are forced to live on our own stolen land.

Black Power Blueprint brings African pride, beauty to North St. Louis during the pandemic

The COVID-19 disease is wreaking havoc on African, Mexican and Indigenous communities. The U.S. government is bailing out Wall Street banks with trillions of dollars. New York, home to the center of white world capitalism, has reported more COVID-19 deaths than 97 percent of all the world’s countries.