Office of the Deputy Chair

Uhuru Furniture grows live shows into a dynamic new economic institution

Uhuru Furniture and Collectibles (UFC) Philly currently hosts live shows twice a week on Facebook and Instagram to bring this powerful African People’s Education and Defense...

“Uhuru on the Move” launches in Philadelphia

Latest economic initiative of the African People's Education and Defense Fund The African People’s Education and Defense Fund (APEDF) is excited to launch a new African self-determination...

Uhuru Furniture warehouse sales build our regional hub strategy

Uhuru Furniture warehouse sales build Regional Hub & liberated African economy! Uhuru Furniture & Collectibles in Oakland, CA has held several very successful warehouse sales...

#Baking 1,000 Uhuru Pies for Black Power

Uhuru Foods and Pies is not a business owned by an individual, but part of an independent African worldwide anti-colonial economy that African people are building to once again own and control our resources, including our own land, food production and distribution.

NZO African styles – at home and abroad

The subject of furniture may not be exciting to everyone but, at your Uhuru Furniture & Collectibles stores, it’s about building an independent African economy!

Black Power Blueprint: We’re on a mission, we’re taking territory and we’re not turning back!

African owned businesses are seeing a future. African homeowners and tenants are refusing to be pushed out of the neighborhood.