Uhuru Furniture warehouse sales build our regional hub strategy

Uhuru Furniture warehouse sales build Regional Hub & liberated African economy!

Uhuru Furniture & Collectibles in Oakland, CA has held several very successful warehouse sales in 2021 at Akwaaba Hall at the Uhuru House at 7911 MacArthur Blvd.

The sales have made hundreds more pieces of furniture available to the public for sale. It has also brought Uhuru Furniture to the historically African community of East Oakland and has brought the Uhuru Furniture base of shoppers to the Uhuru House.

Building the Regional Hub

The warehouse sales have been a great opportunity to begin building the Uhuru House as the West Regional Hub, tying together all the work of the Uhuru Movement so anyone who steps into Akwaaba Hall can see all the work of the West Region represented.

So far, Uhuru Foods and Pies, Uhuru Solidarity Movement and Buy Black Power products are all represented. Through the Buy Black Power products, the African National Women’s Organization and the International People’s Democratic Uhuru Movement, as well as Burning Spear Publications, are all represented.

Shoppers may attend because they are looking for furniture, but they leave learning more about the whole Uhuru Movement and with an Uhuru Pie in hand!

We are doing door-to-door drops in the neighborhood around the Uhuru House, letting people know about the warehouse sale and giving them coupons to use. We are also using the space at Akwaaba Hall to host the NZO painting workshops and volunteer sessions to price donated artwork and collectibles.

We hope to win further participation from organizers throughout the West Region to make these sales into real events with music and reflecting all aspects of the Uhuru Movement’s strategy to build the liberated, anticolonial African economy.

Uhuru Furniture in Oakland needs a warehouse

APEDF made Akwaaba Hall accessible to Uhuru Furniture when COVID hit and the hall could not be rented out to the community or used to host public events.

Soon, though, the beautiful Akwaaba Hall will once again be open for rentals and events. We need to be ready to move into our own warehouse space. And YOU can help. Know someone with a warehouse space? Want to help in the search? Contact us today!

Attend the Uhuru Furniture warehouse sales in Oakland or Philadelphia

Uhuru Furniture & Collectibles in Philadelphia has been hosting warehouse sales for many years and has really developed this model. Uhuru Furniture, Philly is excited to announce our first warehouse sales of 2021 on Sundays, April 11 and May 2 from 12-4pm at the Uhuru Furniture Warehouse across the street from the CiTGO gas station at 2401 W. Allegheny Ave. in Philadelphia. Be sure to watch for our live preview on Facebook and Instagram just before we open.

We are deeply discounting a wide array of hundreds of chairs, tables, couches, cabinets, shelves and even some free pieces that must go to make room for our upcoming flood of new inventory. Don’t miss this sale!

Uhuru Furniture in Oakland is hosting our next off-site warehouse sale on Friday, April 23rd and Sunday, April 25th from 11 am – 3 pm at Akwaaba Hall, 7911 MacArthur Blvd. Hundreds of items are marked down and over four truckloads of new, never-before-seen items will be available! Uhuru Foods and Pies will be onsite with sweet and savory African comfort foods. Plus all furniture purchases over $50 get a free Uhuru Chocolate Chip Cookie and all purchases over $100 get a free 4” Uhuru Pie of your choice!

The Uhuru Furniture & Collectibles stores and warehouse sales are just a few of the over 50 African community economic self-determination projects led by APEDF President Ona Zené Yeshitela to create a new economic life in our own hands to benefit our own people and contend with the colonial-capitalist economic system that only functions to exploit and extract resources from our community.

Other ways to support Uhuru Furniture

Donate directly to the work and project of the African People’s Education and Defense Fund today at apedf.org. 

To donate furniture, apply to work at Uhuru Furniture or sign up to volunteer, visit our websites below for all details! 

West Coast: uhurufurniture.blogspot.com, 3742 Grand Ave., Oakland, CA 94610, 510-763-3342

East Coast: uhurufurniturephilly.blogspot.com, 832 N. Broad St., Philadelphia, PA 19130, 215-546-9616


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