Cadre Development is African Internationalist theory in practice

As the Chairman of the African People’s Socialist Party and African Socialist International, Omali Yeshitela often says, “If the objective is simply to understand the scriptures of the bible, study the bible, but if you want to understand the history of human society, you must study the world.”

It is this dialectical and historical materialist approach that has loaned itself to the development of African Internationalist theory, the worldview of the international African poor and working class. This worldview has led our Party to the conclusion that capitalism was born parasitic and as imperialist white power in the world and over our lives. 

It is the parasitism of a capitalist world economy that has continued to suck the life blood of Africa and Africans and the Indigenous people of the Americas for centuries.  It is the partition of our land, theft of our labor, resources, and lives that has resulted in the misery, poverty and complete wretchedness as experienced by the vast majority of the non-white world today.

In fact, capitalism has resulted in the greatest loss of production and productive forces in human history. Imagine what human progress would look like had not hundreds of millions of Asians, Africans and Indigenous people not been forcibly taken out of productive and reproductive life; had not hundreds of millions of the world’s population  been wiped clean off the face of the Earth in the process of consolidating Europe and North America.

The importance of revolutionary political theory is that it arms us with the capacity to not only recognize, but to also act on necessity––what is necessary to do in the process of producing and reproducing real life for ourselves as a nation of people.

Theory and practice in necessary

Theory without practice is dead, practice without theory is blind.

African Internationalists, however, are not members of a non-governmental organizations (NGO). We are revolutionaries.

The most significant thing we can do, during this period of ever-deepening crisis for imperialist white power is arm the masses of the African poor and working class with revolutionary political theory.

So that when we build other kinds of political and economic development projects, which we do, they are self-determining and institutionalized in the world forever!

The Cadres of the African People’s Socialist Party understand that there is objective reality independent of human will and that Africans must struggle for science. We must have a scientific and materialist approach to understanding the world if we are ever to know what we must do in order to change it.

The struggle for revolutionary political science and philosophy isn’t a tool to simply explain the world or sound smart for doing so, the struggle is to change the world.

So if white power is “evil” and white people are the “devil,” what now? What does that sort of explanation call upon us to do about it? Are we to presume we can simply pray our way out from under the stranglehold of imperialist domination?

How do you struggle against white “racism,” the opinions and ideals in the heads of white people? Are we to presume the struggle is to get white people to somehow like us or treat us better? That’s a white nationalist and petty bourgeois worldview that maintains the centrality of white people in the world and, quite frankly, is a self-defeating waste of time.

The struggle must be for independent black political power over our own black lives, so that whether or not white people or anyone likes you, they can’t do anything to hurt you without experiencing some profound material consequence in return.

At the beginning of this week I changed my name to Muteba Tshinabu wa Munda or “Tshi Tshi” for short.
Muteba means one who worries inquires about things, Tshinabu wa Munda means be wary of calm waters; still waters run deep. It is Tshibula, a Bantu language of Central Africa, known as the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Accepting this name, gifted to me by the leadership of the African People’s Socialist Party, Chairman Omali Yeshitela and Secretary General of the African Socialist International, Luwezi Kinshasa, is an extension of my identification with Africa and my affirmed commitment to the national liberation and self-determination of African people.

Forward the Revolution!


Forward the Cadre Development School!


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