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After Nikki Giovanni
in an age of tortured and imprisoned children
with words like Remember 9-11
as an excuse for killing Afghani infants
at a time when one idiot posing as president one tyrant hiding
bullshit behind black horned rimmed glasses one idiot president’s brother
four to six government officials and various fear tactics
would reveal the spinelessness of the American dream
in a day where a half white/half black man could wave his mulatto hands
and make us all forget our fetters
during a decade that saw six boys in Jena, Louisiana
one too many unarmed black men at the receiving end of a barrage of blue shield bullets
the DC sniper do a fantastic death
dance matched only by the murders of Michael Jackson
Mike Tyson and Tupac Shakur
in an economical structure where the Panthers
and Che would be co-in-tel-proed
at a moment when the senate and congress of this country
could define mandatory minimums on the basis of their children’s
likelihood to spend those sentences behind bars
in a nation where Clarence Thomas and Christopher Darden
can be a part of its justice system and where OJ Simpson
could make them end up not looking so bad after all
it is only natural that auto tune

would emerge
Editor’s note
This thought provoking piece by Lizz Straight makes it necessary to share a critical component of the revolutionary theory of African Internationalism.
The lines where Lizz writes, “four to six government officials and various fear tactics/would reveal the spinelessness of the American dream/in a day where a half white/half black man could wave his mulatto hands/and make us all forget our fetters,” are the focus of this note.
One objective of African Internationalism is to unite the African Nation, all of the black people dispersed throughout the world by colonialism and slavery, under the leadership of the African working class, along with all the oppressed peoples of the world and any persons willing to join us in our struggle to win our freedom through revolution.
Participation in our liberation movement is not restricted by things like gender, skin color or race categories that our enemy has used to divide our efforts far too long.
Barack Hussein Obama is not a U.S. president or a sellout because he is a “half white/half black man… mulatto.” Obama is a U.S. president because he is a sellout and he’s a sellout, because he is a sellout!
African Internationalism unites the many to defeat the few. Divisive, false borders and labels are our oppressor’s tools.
Our brothers and sisters labeled mulatto by Europeans—the same way we were labeled negro by North Americans—are victims of the brutality of European and U.S. domination just like every other African on earth.
People born to black and white parents in Occupied Azania (South Africa) who were called coloureds are well known for their fierce, organized struggle against colonial rule and apartheid regime.
There are only two sides in what Chairman Omali Yeshitela calls “An Unequal Equilibrium,” the side of the oppressed and the side of the oppressor.
Who your mommy and daddy was or is has nothing to do with what side you choose.


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