Blair government out of steam as imperialist crisis deepens

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The Blair regime has lost credibility with white people because of its unity with the blatant tactics of U.S. imperialism while it has support for its anti-African laws.

Seven years ago, white people voted the Labour party and their new leader Tony Blair into power. They pompously came to office promising to stop the crisis of British imperialism. They heightened hopes of white people for a better future under imperialism. They promised to solve some of the most obvious symptoms of the crisis of white power in Britain including: long waiting patient lists in hospitals; poor transportation systems; teacher shortages; and poverty faced by a sector of the white people and children.

Now in 2005, it is seven years later and the crisis and symptoms of British imperialism have deepened. At the same time, several Labour Party leaders have been caught up in financial or sexual scandals and other kinds of corruption, and have resigned only to reappear in different governmental department jobs.

Other prominent leaders of the Labour Party, without government jobs have also been caught in dishonest or unprincipled practices. Stephen Byers, Peter Mandelson, David Blunkett, Estelle Morris, Keith Vaz, Harriet Harman, Dianne Abbott, and Chairie Blair are only some of the names that have made headlines.

British foreign policy is George Bush’s policy

As Tony Blair’s failure to make the lives of British people better and safer continues to manifest, the number of critics attacking him for this failure grows. White people accused the Labour government of having abandoned its traditional values for the white working class, in favour of the British millionaires.

Of all the crises that have engulfed this government, it is the Iraq crisis that has eroded much of the Blair administration’s credibility. Failing to win a majority of British people to support the invasion of Iraq, Tony Blair disregarded the biggest anti-war demonstration to ever happen in Britain.

Compounding this issue was the “big lie” about Saddam Hussein’s ability to launch a biological attack against Britain’s interests within 45 minutes; the failure to find weapons of mass destruction; the suspicious “suicide death” of Doctor Kelly, a scientist who worked for the Ministry of Defense and was accused of having passed secret info to a BBC journalist that exposed the lie of Tony Blair in Iraq; and the Lord Hutton inquiry in January 2004 that “washed the Blair government” of any wrong doing in the death of Dr. Kelly.

Also, the undeniable submission of British foreign policy to U.S. foreign policy and Blair’s support of the U.S. government in their violation of international law involving the torturing of Muslim detainees and imposing military tribunals on them, denying the detainees the status of prisoners of war and diminished further the Blair administrations already crumbling credibility. Following the U.S.’s lead, Britain’s own anti-terror laws jail foreign nationals suspected of terrorism indefinitely without proof, evidence or any charge required.

White people disapprove of Labour policies in education, healthcare and taxes but support anti-African/anti-Muslim laws

The education crisis has also contributed to Blair’s loss of popular support among white people. The introduction of tuition fees at universities and the abolition of student grants has resulted in most students being left in debt.

In order to alleviate the teacher shortage in Britain, the government wants to recruit unqualified classroom assistants or helpers as teachers. Of course, it is the African and other oppressed communites that receives many of these unqualified teachers to go with our oversized classrooms of 30 children making the standard of education received worse in these white nationalist institutions.

The cost of buying a house has risen so much that it has out-priced many white people buying homes. “Illustrating the wealth divide in the starkest terms, the researchers calculated that 10 years ago, the sale of the average house in Kensington, central London, the richest area, would have bought two houses in the Fife town of Leven, the poorest area. Today, the Kensington house would buy 24 properties in Leven.” — November 26, 2004, The Guardian. 

The rise of violence, including gun violence, in most of the British cities has created a sense of insecurity, despair and hopelessness that, until recently, used to be the plight of colonized peoples only.

Blair is also trapped with the advance of the European Union’s currency and constitution. White people in Europe are already experiencing the use of the Euro, while Britain is still undecided, as the British ruling class remains divided more than ever before. The campaign to vote for a European constitution is also happening in the rest of imperialist Europe, piling more pressure on the British ruling class to decide where they stand — in an integrated European imperialism or with U.S. imperialism.

“No white imperialist government has anything to offer to oppressed peoples and colonized peoples on earth. The terror laws are in complement to the laws and policies to build more jails and fill them with colonized Africans, Muslims and other oppressed peoples of the world.”

British imperialism exposed by its domestic policy against colonized people

The UK government has come with a tactic to divide the colonized in two sections: the ones with and without British citizenship. Like African people in Britain, many young Muslims are regularly stopped and searched by the police, whose activities to intimidate the Muslim population have greatly increased.

Just after the September 11 attacks, the government quickly passed the anti-terrorist, Crime and Security Act. This is the act that allows the government to lock up indefinitely foreign, mostly Muslim, alleged militants suspected of terrorist attacks. While some are imprisoned in Belmarsh top security prison, others have been locked away in Broadmoor mental hospital in London.

The following case illustrates the treatment of the oppressed Muslim population: “These 12 men were arrested after the September 11 attacks on the U.S. They have no idea what they are accused of. Those with access to secret intelligence are suggesting that the allegations against those detained, because they are foreigners, are actually less serious than those who, because they are British, have the right to a trial” — December 22, 2004, The Guardian 

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Jacques Chirac and Tony Blair

“Around 19 barristers have been given security clearance to represent the interests of detainees before the Special Immigration Appeals Commission (SIAC), the detainees’ only route to appeal against their detention. The barristers are appointed by the attorney general to put forward a detainee’s case, but they are unable to tell their client the case against him or seek an explanation from him.” — December 21, 2004,The Guardian 

No white imperialist government has anything to offer to oppressed peoples and colonized peoples on earth. The terror laws are in complement to the laws and policies to build more jails and fill them with colonized Africans, Muslims and other oppressed peoples of the world.

They all make up part of a comprehensive counterinsurgency that has nothing to do with street crimes as many of us are told by the white media outlets.

It is a struggle for position, to contain and defeat the effort of the colonised people to stand up tall and fight for our freedom and the return of our resources and freedom. The essence of the headlines of the domestic policies of Blair, Chirac in France, Bush in the U.S., and other imperialist leaders is, in essence, to tackle security, fight terrorism and immigration.

They all have the same meaning: counterinsurgent warfare against our people, the colonised and oppressed people.

The latest government report in Britain reveals this hot truth at our expense: “One in eight prisoners in England and Wales is a foreign national — an all-time record —according to a report published today. The Prison Reform Trust says the figure represents a threefold increase over the last 10 years.

“In some jails, foreign nationals now make up over 50 percent of the population, it adds up. The figures are revealed in a report which concludes that such prisoners are not given the attention and support they need, and in some cases are treated with disrespect, often experiencing racist behaviour from prison staff.

“The report, Going the Distance, suggests official figures may underestimate the number of foreign prisoners because there are 1,200 people in custody whose nationality is not known. The Verne prison, Dorset, and Morton Hall, a women’s jail in Lincolnshire, are identified as those where foreign nationals make up over half of the population. In 16 prisons they account for a quarter or more, including all of the large prisons in London.” — December 1, 2004, The Guardian 

What they consider foreign nationals are Africans coming from Nigeria, Jamaica, Congo, Somali, etc., and a fraction of other oppressed peoples including Arabs, Asians, and Gypsies. This does not take into account the majority of Africans born in this country who have British nationality.

The British State is convinced that these counterinsurgent attacks will remedy the every deepening crisis of imperialism. It moves with conviction to cut off any ability of Africans and other colonized peoples to resist oppression. We must move with just as much conviction in organizing Africans to overturn this counterinsurgency and fight for self-determination for the African community!

Fight for self-determination for the African community!

Build and join the InPDUM today!


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