Black Workers’ Congress set for October – St. Louis, MO

African people from throughout the world will convene in St. Louis, Missouri for the week-long seventh Congress of the African People’s Socialist Party starting on October 6th, 2018.           

This is the event that allows African workers and others to unite with the leadership of the African People’s Socialist Party, the advanced detachment and revolutionary vanguard of our liberation struggle.         

At our Congress, the highest body of our Party, the leadership of the Party is turned over to the rank and file.

All the critical Party decisions for the next five years will be made at this Congress and voted on by the Party membership.         

The Congress is the most fundamental example of democratic centralism; democracy under centralized leadership.

The Party members will elect our leaders and adopt the Political Report or Main Resolution that will guide our work for the next five years under strict and disciplined leadership.         

Our Congress is one of the most distinguishing features of the African People’s Socialist Party.

It is the only place on Earth that African workers can gather and democratically plan our ascendency to the leadership of a united, liberated African world.           

This is not a congress of big shot middle-class know-it-alls who come together to display their knowledge of what is best for the African working-class for whom they have nothing but contempt and disdain; sometimes cloaked in condescending charitable proclamations.       

The Party Congress functions is a magnificent celebration of the future being created for a socialist, liberated and united Africa and the colonized and forcibly dispersed African nation all over the world.

Our Congress not only plans for the liberated and socialist future of Africa and Africans in general, but it also plans for a future of the African middle-class or petty-bourgeoisie under the leadership of the African working class as the new ruling class.

All members of the African People’s Socialist Party and our constituent organizations throughout the world are expected to attend the seventh Party Congress in full force.

The significance of our Party Congress cannot be overstated

The Congress gives the African working-class control of its own political process to remake the world in its own image.

Whatever powerlessness otherwise experienced by our heroic warriors for national liberation, the African working class is reaffirmed at the Party Congress as the leadership of the entire African national liberation movement.

Further, the Congress will reaffirm the form of its advanced detachment and the legitimate custodians of the revolutionary aspirations of our people for happiness and the return of our stolen sovereignty and resources.

Our Congress also serves to protect the Party from the spontaneity and opportunism that characterize so much of what passes as black resistance today.

Opportunism is described as sacrificing the long-term interests of the African working class for some perceived short-term interests.

The fact that all our work is guided by our Constitution and the resolutions; mandates and the five-year plan stemming from our Congress means that we are less likely to go off on some political ambulance-chasing binge that can take us off point.

The plans coming from our Congress along with the advanced revolutionary theory of African Internationalism help to make us the advanced detachment, the revolutionary vanguard of our class and the entire forcibly dispersed colonized African nation.

From this point forward, all our work will be informed by the requirement to build for the success of our Congress.

There should not be an issue of the Party’s journal, The Burning Spear, that does not promote our upcoming Congress, winning attendance from Party members and others from our colonized nation.

Leaders of other aspects of our agitation and propaganda work should meet and determine the most effective ways to promote our Congress and its significance to our Party and the revolutionary aspirations of our people.

All our mass organizations: women’s commissions, students, economic development, anticolonial, international, solidarity, etc., must develop plans of action moving forward that will win masses of our people and allies under the leadership of the African working class through participation in the upcoming seventh Party Congress.

We organize for the People!

The African People’s Socialist Party is organized around revolutionary principles. It is the only Party that has come to the understanding of the class struggle that happens within the struggle for national liberation and the responsibility of the advanced detachment of the African working class, our Party, to advance the African national liberation struggle under the leadership of the Party.

Our Congress helps to keep our focus on the African worker-led national liberation struggle.

We win national liberation as part of the process of revolutionary socialist transformation.

The African People’s Socialist Party, like every other party in the world, is a class-based and class-led organization.

We are the Party of the international African working-class –all the time, even when the class is incapable of addressing or understanding its own interests.

That’s what parties do.

We are, however, in an ongoing contest for the leadership of the African working-class.

There is a host of forces recently unleashed by the militant motion of the masses of African people in the U.S. subsequent the uprising of the mass of young African working-class people in Ferguson, Missouri in 2014.

Similarly, the deepening contradictions accompanying the cascading crisis of imperialism, are mobilizing masses of African people throughout the continent of Africa and other areas of the world where Africans suffer continuing and grotesque exploitation and colonial oppression.

In every instance, there are charlatans and opportunists who would hijack the motion of the masses for their own devious purposes; purposes that ultimately protect the system of our oppression.

Fortunately, as a consequence of the existence of our Party, the African working-class is becoming more conscious of its own selfish interests.

Our Congress helps to keep these interests before the entire membership of our Party as well as the people at large.

This is how We Win.

This is how We are Winning!

Forward to a Glorious Liberated Future!

Forward to the Seventh Congress of the African People’s Socialist Party!



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