Black Star Industries and Youth Educational Supplies bring African economic self-determination to Europe!

We are proud to announce that Black Star Industries (BSI) and Youth Educational Supplies (YES) are now officially in the United Kingdom.
Black Star Industries’ intent is to organize independent economic development for the international African community as part of the struggle for self-determination.
We have introduced Black Star Industries in Europe because of the interest and need of Africans on the European continent to create economic self-determination.
Black Star Industries takes its name from the Black Star Line shipping company that was organized by Marcus Garvey and the UNIA in 1919.
Black Star Industries is a critical tool in the hands of our movement that will drive our effort to replace the colonial economy that is created at the expense of Africans and other oppressed peoples of the world.
The imperialist economy clearly does not meet the needs of the African community. Now in this time of the imperialist crisis, we need to create our own independent economy that will meet the needs of the African working class.
We have met all the standards that’s been asked by the British Companies House and we are now able to work in this country as a legal organization. From here we intend to organize throughout the rest of the European Union.
We will soon be able to sign with business partners and companies that would like to become BSI subsidiaries.
BSI is planning to expand to other European countries and to Africa as well. We will soon have information about the regulations in Senegal and Gambia as well, which will allow BSI to import from and export to these countries.
We want to thank Likay Kongo and Janice Kant for their hard work to ensure registration of BSI and YES in the UK. 
Wherever Africans are, the BSI will be there too.
Build our own independent economic future!
Build the BSI!


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