Washington, DC—In a powerful display of African unity, African people from all over the United States convened in Washington D.C. on November 5th for the National Black Political Agenda for Self-Determination Convention.

Led by the Black is Back Coalition for Social Justice, Peace, and Reparations (BIB), the gathering of the black community––which included mothers whose children have been murdered by police and white vigilantes, members of various organization, and other brothers and sisters––convened at Malcolm X Park at noon.

The purpose of our gathering was to discuss our 19-point Black People’s Agenda, which speaks to many of the pressing issues affecting our communities, from the position of black women to climate change.

Our rally also provided our people with a platform from which our voices could be heard, unlike the Democratic and Republican conventions.

There were people holding banners of various state conventions that preluded our national conventions. Banners which read “Black Power Matters” and “Black Community Control of the Police” were also being held proudly by the participants.

The attendees also held bright placards which outlined that “Imperialism is in crisis” and “Obama is a sellout.”

Black Women In Black: Grieving African mothers are finally heard

Our rally was opened up with a rallying cry by Chairman Omali Yeshitela of the BIB. The Chairman reminded Africans that a vote for Trump or Hillary is simply a vote for white power.

He outlined that our black people’s convention is an opportunity for our people to be heard.

Many mothers of Africans who were murdered by police were in attendance. Kunde´ Mwamvita, whose daughter Dominique Battle and her two friends was murdered by Pinellas County sheriff’s deputies in Florida, gave a moving speech where she made the demand for black community control of the police.

Rhanda Dormeus, the mother of Korryn Gaines, gave a powerful speech during which she said Korryn was a fierce warrior. Korryn was murdered in Baltimore last August by a SWAT team, and her 5-year-old son shot in the arm by the ruthless pigs.

Toni Taylor, mother of Cary Ball who was shot 21 times by St. Louis police, spoke and made the call for African people to become organized in order to stop the police from murdering us.

Janet Baker, whose 26-year-old son Jordan Baker was murdered by Houston pigs, also spoke. Through tears she asked the coalition for leadership in her fight against the State.

March on the White House

Following the rally was a march on the White House. The Steering Committee of the Black Is Back, the mothers, State Conveners, organization representatives and the general black population lined up eagerly and marched two miles from Malcolm X park to the White House.

While marching, the people chanted, waved the red, black and green flags and and raised their black power fists in the air. “Fists up, Fight Back! Get these pigs off our back!” and “Obama and Hillary you can’t hide, we charge you with genocide” were a few of the powerful calls bellowing from the people’s voices.  

This was a powerful sight to behold and the march stretched a few blocks. African motorists beeped their horns in support, putting their black power fists out the window. Passersby joined in the march, some with children on their backs. Others raise fists from the sidelines and expressed their support.

The gentrifying population of white people were stunned at this display of black unity and black power as they exited the recently-built coffee shops and organic food markets to watch the march.

Rallying cry at the White People’s House

Upon arriving to the White House, we re-convened at Lafayette Park where our rally continued with more mothers telling their stories as victims of the State.

Shameca Williams, mother of Mustafa Bearfield who was murdered in Alabama by a white vigilante; Hawa Bah, whose son was shot eight times and murdered by the NYPD in 2012; and Nikita Braziel, whose husband was callously murdered by Houston pigs all got up on the stage to express their pain that was caused by murderous police.

Delphine Mathews, mother of Frank McQueen who was murdered in Pennsylvania by killer cops in 2014, spoke to the crowd to expose the corruption and lies of the police.

This is the reality of African people, being shot down by police, having our loved-ones violently and prematurely ripped from us, with the police seeing now repercussions for their murderous actions.

A first step in preventing the police from killing Africans is for us to get organized and join a revolutionary organization.

Zaki Baruti of the Universal African People’s Organization made a clear demand for the removal of the murderous police from our communities. The police are an arm of the colonial State whose primary role is to terrorize us while protecting the political and economic interests of the white ruling class.

Day one of our black people’s convention was certainly a convention of resistance!

Trump and Clinton are not for black people!

The BIB convention was extremely important because it showed Africans across the U.S. that we do not need to be dependent on a political party of the white ruling class that doesn’t have our best interests in mind.

Our convention clearly outlined to our brothers and sisters that no matter who is selected as the next president, black people would still suffer.

On November 8, 2016, two days after the BIB convention, Donald Trump of the Republican party won the battle of the ruling class and was selected to be the 45th president of the U.S.

Immediately, the U.S.’s financial system began to plummet­­––just another sign that imperialism is in crisis.

The National Black Political Agenda for Self-Determination Convention has already prepared Africans with our own Agenda. We call on all our readers to bring this agenda to their communities so that every single African can unite upon our agenda of black resistance.

Uniting on this agenda is one of the first steps to placing power in the hands of African people.

The winner of the battle of the ruling class makes no difference to Africans who have already began organizing for power.

Vote 4 Black Power!

Fists up! Fight Back!

Join the Black Is Back Coalition!

Keep the Spear Burning! Donate to The Burning Spear!


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