Black is Back: “Stop Jewish State murder of Palestinian people!”

Black is Back International Conference set for August 16-17 in Phildelphia
PHILADELPHIA–The Black is Black Coalition for Social Justice, Peace, and Reparations expresses our pro­found outrage and condemnation of this new round of assaults and invasion of Gaza.
These naked Israeli genocidal attacks are carried out against the oppressed, colonized and state­less people of Palestine in Gaza, while groups of Israeli settlers are joyously watching with binoculars and recording with their smart phones the horrific spectacles of genocide their army is inflicting on the Palestinians.
This is reminiscent of a time in the U.S., not so long ago, when lynching parties were entertain­ment for white people to enjoy themselves at the expense of Af­rican people.
Under the unproven pretext that Hamas was “responsible” for the deaths of three Israeli settler teenagers, the government of Ne­tanyahu has launched Operation Protective Edge.
This operation is another war crime against the Palestinian people that has already murdered more than 220 Palestinians in nine days, including women and children, while more than 2,000 people have been injured.
The Israeli government is displacing Palestinians from their homes on their own land as they ramp up their genocidal attacks.
Israeli warplanes and navy forces have bombed mosques, schools and even a clinic for dis­abled people.
According to the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, 70 percent of Palestinians murdered by Israel have been civilians. Thirty percent of them were children.
Mohammed Abu Khdeir, a 16-year-old Palestinian boy, was snatched by Israeli settlers and found a few days later in a Je­rusalem forest, burned to death. An autopsy revealed that he was burned alive with smoke in his lungs.
The 1.8 million Palestinians who live in Gaza are contained by the colonial State of Israel on a strip of land only 25 miles long and about five miles wide.
Gaza’s population density av­erages 9,713 people per square mile, compared to the illegitimate Israeli State’s population density of 809 per square mile. The UK has a population density of 650 per square mile.
The 24/7 bombing of dense­ly populated territory like Gaza is more than a war crime. It is a genocidal attack and crime against humanity, which are viola­tions of international law.
The call to genocide by Ayelet Shaked, a rabid white nationalist member of the Israeli parliament, sums up unambiguously the col­lective responsibility of the illegiti­mate Jewish State.
“They have to die and their houses should be demolished so that they cannot bear any more terrorists…,” said Shaked. “They are all our enemies, and their blood should be on our hands. This also applies to the mothers of the dead terrorists.”
Black is Black Coalition stands in solidarity with Palestinian people’s resistance to Israel occupation
Thousands of U.S.-funded Is­raeli missiles are fired indiscrimi­nately onto the defenseless peo­ple of Gaza.
As an excuse, they use the flimsy lie that Palestinian rockets fired in self-defense are frighten­ing the white settlers, despite the fact that few Israeli settlers have died from these Palestinian rock­ets according to the white ruling class media.
How can the world forget that Israelis are a militarized popula­tion, who live in houses designed to provide anti-bomb shelters to settlers?
This current Israeli war of ag­gression against the Palestinians is a continuation of Operations Cast Lead I in 2008 that murdered 1,200 Palestinians against 13 Is­raelis killed and Cast Lead II in 2012 which killed about 200 Pal­estinians, while only six settlers were killed.
These military aggressions were the Tel Aviv government’s response to the democratic elec­toral victory of Hamas in 2007.
The Black is Back Coalition organized in opposition to these wars.
The pursuit of the Palestinian national liberation struggle is the only correct solution. The Israel State is an oppressor and illegiti­mate State, born out of the theft of the land of the Palestinian people.
The bible did not give it to them. It was the British and the U.S. hiding through the UN who gave it to them.
Israel upholds the Jewish ho­locaust as justification for its geno­cide against the Palestinians.
However, the Palestinians did not send the Jews into ovens. It was the Germans who did that.
So it would make more sense if Israel directed its missiles at Germany, not Gaza. Palestinians and their al­lies have the right to fight by any means to get back their land.
Portraying Israel as the victim and Palestine as the aggressor is a big lie
The U.S.-led white imperialist media supports Israeli aggression against Palestine through deliber­ate underreporting, misrepresent­ing and distortion of the facts in favor of Israel.
They consistently portray the Israeli State as a legitimate State. Their biggest lie is to present Pal­estinian acts of resistance as acts of aggression and Israeli wars of aggression as acts of self-de­fense.
Gaza has been under com­plete Israeli blockade since 2007. This blockade is supported by the Egyptian closure of the border with Gaza.
The State of Israel, which re­ceives three billion dollars of aid annually from the United States imperialists, is in reality a U.S. mil­itary outpost, armed with the new­est U.S. weapons such as F16 jet fighters, drones, and Apache at­tack helicopters.
It is ridiculous to compare the violence of the oppressor Is­raeli state supported by the whole white imperialist nation and the violence of the oppressed and stateless people of Palestine.
Palestine needs solidarity of all oppressed peoples of the world
A worldwide solidarity of the oppressed and colonized peoples is necessary to stop all U.S. di­rect and indirect genocidal wars imposed on colonized and domi­nated peoples.
We are calling on all op­pressed peoples of the world to understand that the headquarters of all U.S.-funded wars like the Israeli wars against the Palestin­ian people, the war that overthrew and killed Ghaddafi, wars in Af­ghanistan and other places is lo­cated in Washington, DC.
It is also true that the head­quarters of unreported threats of wars and wars of destabilization and aggressions against the peo­ples of the world in Libya, Afghan­istan, Congo, Iraq, Syria, Sudan, Iran, Venezuela and elsewhere who are fighting to take back con­trol of their resources is also lo­cated in Washington, DC.
U.S. imperialism is the main obstacle to peace and social jus­tice in Palestine, Iraq, Congo and Afghanistan.
Inside the United States itself, the African and Mexican popula­tions cannot find peace either be­cause the U.S. is a prison of na­tions, and Africans and Mexicans are communities behind bars.
These aggressions are only possible because of the support that Israel gets from the interna­tional white nation and also be­cause of the cooperation of Arab neocolonial regimes with white imperialist power and the Israeli State.
White peace movement must unite with Palestinian self-determination and right to defeat the illegitimate
All these attacks are happen­ing with no meaningful resistance or opposition from the so-called white peace and anti-war move­ment inside the imperialist coun­tries.
The lack of real opposition to the Israeli war on Gaza is an act of complicity with the U.S.-backed Israeli settler regime.
Many white peace movement leaders in Europe and the U.S. want the same imperialist peace as Netanyahu, Obama and Hol­lande: a peace that does not over­throw white imperialist power over Palestinians, Africans, Mexicans and other oppressed peoples.
There have been demon­strations in London in UK, Paris and Lille in France, Brussels in Belgium and in other places in Europe.
These demonstrations have been taking place largely because of the mobilization of the oppressed Muslim population themselves.
It is in Muslim countries that we have seen large militant dem­onstrations. Such was the case in Tunisia, Lebanon, Yemen, Indo­nesia, Turkey and Pakistan.
The peoples of the world must unite to stop this genocide that is being committed before our eyes!
Victory to the Palestinian People!
Black is Black Coalition for Social Justice, Peace and Reparations!

Attend the Black is Back Annual Conference

Sat-Sun, August 16-17, 2014 in Philadelphia, PA
For information and to register visit
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