Black is Back on track


Editors Note: The following are two poems written by poet extraordinaire Raymond Nat Turner. Turner is Resident Poet at Black Agenda Report, a foremost news and analysis web site of African affairs.


The two poems here were inspired by Turner's attendance at the November 1 and 2 Black is Back Coalition's March on Washington, D.C. and Teach-in at Howard University.


Raymond Nat Turner also presented outstanding cultural performances at both the rally ad teach-in. This is cultural work for the Revolution!




November Sunday afternoon and 30,

Maybe even 40, Howard University

Food workers are lined up in

The basement, barely breathing, 

Body language fluently tense, 

Fingers crossed, totally focused,

Wishing, willing sudden death

Overtime for Washington’s

Football franchise, trailing the

Minnesota Vikings 26 to 29…


Men from the third floor fraternity

Function are also watching on screens

On the ground level, along with men and

Some women from the second floor Soul

Food Extravaganza 


Today, they care more about fate

Of Washington’s football franchise

Than Reparations Brother Kamm

Is speaking on; more about the

Score than the Ebola Alert Sister

Aisha is breaking down; more about

What Dallas is doing than Waycross,

Orlando and Ferguson mothers delivered

Sudden death from trigger fingers of

Assassins with badges; more about Snyder’s

Enterprise than Sister Marsha’s masterful

Deconstruction of slave patrols, AKA police;

More about RG3 than BIB, POP, or APSP!


However, because Black is Back

History is fueling my gut

With a day, not too far off, when these

Football fanatics’ team loyalties shift and

They arrive by five, New Balance, Nike,

Prada, Addidas, etc., in hand for hurling

Spirals, strikes, at war criminal, capitalist 

Politicians whose kickbacks and bribes

Are the price of poverty, misery and

Uncertainty the food workers suffer…




War on this or that,

Poor folk pass the hat.

Working people bleed,

Children go in need

Cripple, dead or blind,

“No Child Left Behind”

We get taxed and fined

Keep deep pockets lined—


Fat cats still get fat!


Big lies all the time

Reason and rhyme

Old jingoist slime

For organized crime

“The American Way—

Workers have no say

Election bought and sold

Pols do as they’re told

In Wall Street’s attack

They bomb and frack

Warlords on our back

Beat back their attack!


Speak in our own name

Like MWM and AIM

SNCC and F-T-A

All show the way…

Brown, white, yellow, red

May their spirit spread

 Like Black Is Back

‘Gainst Wall Street attack…


Montgomery ain’t gone

Rosa Parks lives on—

E.D. Nixon, too

Movement overdue

Taking up the slack

Resisting the attack

Off the mule’s back

Out the cul-de-sac

Trane back on track—



Raymond Nat Turner 2014 All Rights Reserved


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