Bernie Sanders is not the answer for African college students

U.S. democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, in his undying lust for the control of the minds of African people, started a tour of Historically Black Colleges & Universities (HBCUs).

The Vermont senator launched this tour on February 16, 2016 at Morehouse College in Atlanta, GA.
Morehouse College is an all-men’s private institution that claims famous alumni such as movie director Spike Lee and the most notable of them all, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Some petty bourgeoisie Africans have even made claims that Morehouse is the “Black Harvard.” This is an insult to Morehouse.

Members of Morehouse’s Omega Psi Phi Fraternity “welcomed” Sanders with a step routine before the he took the stage.
African men shucked and jived for Sanders who is simply using them, and the U.S. African population, as a stepping stone to become the next imperialist leader.

During Sanders’ speech, he proceeded with his colonial mind game and his usual rhetoric of empty promises and fake logic. He spoke of his plan to go after large corporations like Walmart for not paying their workers enough per hour. This drew an applause from the mostly-white audience.

His attempt at addressing the genocide being committed against Africans in the U.S. was limited to “mass incarceration.” The candidate went on to describe it being “tied to institutional racism.”

This appearance at Morehouse and HBCU tour to follow is only the roadshow of Bernie’s bogus act. He wants to win the minds of African college students as he knows they are being educated to serve as an arm and tool of the ruling class.
Morehouse represents the W.E.B Dubois’ talented tenth theory. If any African man believes he has a voice in the governing of this country’s affairs, it’s a Morehouse man.

It is this reason the U.S. presidential candidate needs to court this “talented tenth.” They are not easily won with promises of higher minimum wages. They don’t have intentions of making a minimum wage.

Bernie says all the WRONG things

Bernie Sanders will dance around the real issue like an old school pop-locker.
He keeps throwing around the notion of higher minimum wages as if the control of businesses and industries isn’t a better solution for African people.

The Jews weren’t given higher wages as compensation for their genocide. Speaking of compensation, Bernie is opposed to reparations and he won’t dare bring it up at one of his pep rallies.

Mass incarceration of African people was another topic the presidential candidate hit on at the rally. Bernie is an expert at manipulating the emotions of African people. The democratic party would not have survived for the past 40 years had they not mastered this skill.

African families are torn apart daily by the prison industrial complex and to say that it is merely “tied” to racism is to ignore the colonial reality of Africans and the genocide that is being committed by the State against Africans.
Just like the two African women who buffooned on the behalf Trump, Sanders’ African bootlickers insist on pushing this new white “savior.” Atlanta-based rapper Killer Mike will not rest in his insistence that Bernie Sanders is our only hope.

The insanity and confusion must end. This year is the year of revolution. It is the year to ignore these colonial puppets and their African clowns. This is the year we accept nothing less than pure and uncompromising freedom.
The time has come for our smart young minds at Morehouse and in higher learning institutions across the country to reject the scraps of the ruling class. They must align their ideologies with that of revolution and the African working class. They must realize that even though they may be more comfortable in their oppression, they have no stake in this colonial system and the system does not serve them.

We must all join forces with the African working class. Our freedom rests on it and every minute spent listening to an empty Bernie Sanders speech is wasted.

Freedom now!
Forward the Revolution!
Join the African People’s Socialist Party!


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