Barack Obama to republicans: “Why are you still endorsing Trump?”

Washington D.C.––U.S. president Barack Hussein Obama offered up criticisms of Republican candidate Donald Trump and declared him “unfit” and “woefully unprepared” to serve as U.S. president during a White House press conference on August 2, 2016.

Obama criticized the leadership in the Republican party, including speaker of the house Paul Ryan and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, for their failure to withdraw support from Donald Trump following his recent verbal attacks on the parents of deceased Muslim soldier, Humayun Khan.

Obama raised the question, “If you are repeatedly having to say in very strong terms that what he has said is unacceptable, why are you still endorsing him?” He continued, “What does this say about your party that this is your standard bearer?”

During the press conference, Obama stated that this election is different from the ones that got him elected and reelected in 2008 and 2012.

He said that during those elections, he didn’t want to lose but he “didn’t have a doubt” that his republican opponents, Mitt Romney and John McCain, could function as president and “make government work.”

Obama criticized Trump’s common sense, basic decency, knowledge of economic and foreign policy.

Controversy surrounded Donald Trump since he entered the campaign for U.S. president in 2015. Some Republicans leaders even stood against Trump during the early part of his campaign while vowing “Never Trump.”

They eventually caved in, however, to the wishes of the masses of white voters instead of risking a split within the party.

Obama has been clear in his opposition to Donald Trump, in addition to supporting Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton for the position.

His latest press conference is nothing but an attempt to win the white population to the support of Hillary Clinton.

Trump talks, Obama kills

Barack Obama is using word gymnastics to garner support for his hopeful successor.

Obama’s reference to Trump as unfit to be president is similar, if not exact, wording which he used to describe Hillary Clinton during their competition for the Democratic nomination back in 2008.

He made similar criticisms about Clinton’s basic decency when he stated that “she would say anything to get elected.”

His current statements about McCain and Romney’s ability to preside over the U.S. and make “the government work” directly opposes the tune he sang while running against them.

On top of that, “making the government work” always means maintaining the status quo of exploitation and genocide for Africans and other colonized people.

Whenever the government is “working,” we Africans catch hell. The government working means mass incarceration. It means the continued rape and theft of Africa. It means maintaining the same conditions that our people have endured for 600 years.

Obama’s critique of Trump’s statements, as hateful and anti-Muslim as they may be, is hypocritical as Obama has gone much further than words.

The U.S. president, while avoiding the hateful speech that Trump is known for, has murdered hundreds of Africans through military attacks and drone strikes on the Continent.

Obama supports the proxy militias that kill and torture our brothers and sisters in the Congo for access to our valuable minerals and resources. He and Hillary Clinton are responsible for the murder of Libya’s President Gaddafi.

Obama has deported more Indigenous people and Mexicans than any other U.S. president.

Barack Obama is the epitome of white power in black face.

Obama is a hypocrite

Obama’s opposition to Donald Trump has nothing to do with any moral or ideological conflict, but everything to do with him not being an official pawn of the ruling class.

The hate speech and anti-Muslim and anti-Mexican language coming from Trump is less alarming than the actual attacks being made against these people by Barack Obama.

What Obama means by “making government work” is having the two-party system function in orbit and cooperation with each other, in the interest of the white ruling class.

Like Chairman Omali Yeshitela states, “The presidential elections are a way for the different groups within the white ruling class to have non-violent contests for power among themselves.”

Trump’s popularity is one of the biggest signs that imperialism is in crisis.

Obama’s presidency was the white ruling class’ response to this crisis as his elections was a tool used to pacify the African working class and an attempt to prevent the inevitable––revolution.

Donald Trump rose in popularity is due to an economic uncertainty for white people that hasn’t been seen in decades. Clinton, however, is the white ruling class’ effort to hang on to the power that is quickly slipping out of their hands.

A choice between Trump and Clinton is a choice between rotten meat and poisoned meat.

We Africans must wake up from the dream that any U.S. president will determine a future for us that is opposite to the 600-year nightmare we live in.

We must put our agenda on the table. We call on every freedom loving African to attend the National Black Political Agenda for Self-determination Preparatory Conference which will be held in Philadelphia, PA on August, 13th and 14, 2016.


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