Barack Obama attempts to reform the colonial U.S. criminal justice system by reducing sentences of 61 prisoners

U.S. president Barack Obama reduced prison sentences for 61 federal prisoners serving time for drug crimes on Wednesday, March 30, 2016.  

The neocolonial president is touting this as a move to reform the U.S. criminal justice system to reduce the number of people serving long sentences for non-violent drug crimes.

The so called “criminal justice” system––which is an arm of the State––is designed to imprison and murder millions of Africans. It cannot be reformed, it can only destroyed.

The same “criminal justice” system that rips loved ones away from their families whose only “crime” was trying to survive this oppressive colonial system, while allowing murderers of entire villages to walk free is not a system that can ever be reformed.

Obama’s grand gesture of reducing prison sentences for 184 prisoners since signing the fair sentencing bill in 2010 is not nearly enough to repair what the African community has endured at the hands of the U.S. State.

Obama’s right-hand man

U.S. vice president Joe Biden wrote the largest crime bill in U.S. history in 1994 while he was a U.S. senator. The bill was signed into law by then U.S. president Bill Clinton.

This law was an act of genocide on the African community. The major objective of the law was to fill U.S. prisons primarily with African men, women and children.

The very law that Obama’s right-hand man wrote and Bill Clinton signed caused African families to be ripped apart. A number of federal prisoners whose sentences have been commuted were imprisoned based on the crime bill that Joe Biden wrote.

Today, at least 1 out of every 3 Africans in the U.S. have been to jail or prison. Africans make up approximately 13 percent of the U.S. population, but make up almost 50 percent of those incarcerated in the U.S.

Every African, Indigenous, and oppressed person that is locked away in U.S. concentration camps because of the vile “criminal justice” system should be released immediately as all the African and Indigenous men and women who are locked away in prisons are there due to decisions, laws and circumstances which were created by aliens and foreigners for their own benefit and as a means of genocidal colonialist control.

These decisions, laws and circumstances are illegitimate as they were created and are enforced without our consent.

Furthermore, every man and woman that participated in the destruction of African and other oppressed families across the globe should be imprisoned.

Revolution is the solution!

There is no reform system that will ever rectify all of the injustices and terror that Africans and oppressed people have endured throughout the world. The function of the State is to oppress Africans and keep imperialists in power.

The African People’s Socialist Party (APSP) recognizes that the only way for Africans to break free from the murderous State is by overturning the colonial system.

The only way to overturn the colonial system is through revolution led by the African working class.

The APSP also realizes that overturning this oppressive system is only part of the battle.

We as Africans must govern ourselves.

Under the guidance of Chairman of the APSP, Omali Yeshitela, the APSP is ready to govern.             

Join the African People’s Socialist Party!

Touch One, Touch All!



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