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Black Lives Matter: Chat partners with Hillary Clinton

"The #BLM philosophy is that therapeutic dialogue with members of the power elite is politically more effective than the presentation of core demands. (Certainly, it is better for the future careers of the #BLM interlocutors.)"

Black Agenda Report’s Glen Ford challenges Obama and Justice Department’s solutions to police murder and violence: Calls for “Black Community Control of the Police!”

The Mass Black Incarceration State is incapable of meaningful reform. What's needed is Black community control of the police.

It was good that blacks expressed frustration with Obama – but don’t call it “direct action”

  The sheer weight of the damage done to blacks under Obama’s watch prompted some of his strong supporters to demonstrate in front the White...

Occupy Harlem! No One Has Suffered More Than Us From Plutocracy

"There's a desperate need to focus on Wall Street's total economic strangulation of our communities." In 1847, in the first issue of the North Star,...

Black Is Back Coalition to hold March 26 Conference on the “Other” U.S. Wars

“There are wars happening in the world that the traditional white Left does not recognize.” If there were a war that didn’t directly involve U.S....

Black is Back, permanently. Join us in DC on Nov. 13

The Black Is Back Coalition for Social Justice, Peace and Reparations has had a good year since its first rally and march on the White House, November, 2009. “We proved that a critical mass of Black left activists and organizations was prepared to rebuild independent, anti-imperialist Black politics.” Now, as “the economic depression gripping our people deepens, and a cascade of crises loom for the nation and the world,” Black Is Back prepares for another year of struggle to reverse the “mass suffering and defeat” brought on by Wall Street and its servants in both major political parties.” Renew the struggle. Rally and march with BiB.

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