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dr. renee levant


CIA Afghan Drug Trade: Occupation Abroad, Prisons at Home

By Dr. Renee Levant Even among many opposed to the U.S. war against the Iraqi people there is the notion that the U.S. imperialist...

U.S. Occupation of Afghanistan: A “New” Direction?

By Dr. Renee Levant Is Obama setting a new course for U.S. foreign policy in Iraq and Afghanistan? In May alone we have seen three...

The Obama Plan: A Neo-Colonial Palestine

Details of Barack Obama's plan for the complete capitulation of the Palestinian people to Zionist settler colonial State of Israel have just begun to come to light in the international press. The details come after recent meetings between Obama and Jordan's King Abdullah and on the eve of the announcement of a so called “unity” parliament in Palestine The plan itself looks suspiciously like the “Autonomy” plans offered to Africans in the bantustans of White Colonial South Africa.

Talk About Torture : Colonialism, Humanity and African Revolution

Talk About Torture : Colonialism, Humanity and African Revolution Dr Renee Levant Part One: Talk About Torture: Fanon, Torture and White Opportunism Despite the pervasiveness and...

Obama’s Plan for Home Owners – No help for Black, Latino or Poor Communities

The claims made by the current Administration that relief for homeowners is on the way obscure the reality that few of those most in need will find any relief from the Obama Plan. In particular few in the Black community which has been the target of more sub prime loans than any other community will benefit from these programs. A careful look at the plan reveals who benefits and who will not; It also reveals how the The Obama plan protects the interests of the banks at the direct expense of great suffering and loss of income in the black community. Far from ending the predatory practices which have ravaged black communities in the US the Obama plan continues to support additional profits earned through criminal activity by predatory banks and lenders such as Goldman Sachs supported fully by the Obama administration.

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